Sloppy and Decadent, Part 3

No one wants to believe that the Palestinians are ignorant, vile and corrupt.

Even I don’t want to believe it. I struggled with myself to even get the above sentence out, but I cannot escape the truth of it. How can ANYONE be this bad? How can ANY group of people consistently support leaders who siphon off desperately needed aid into Swiss bank accounts?

It boggles the mind.

In fact, it boggles the mind so much that we instinctively believe that the ‘other side’ (Israel) must be at fault. To believe otherwise would require coming face to face with the fact that human beings are basically awful.

But, the Palestinian leadership really is that bad, and the Palestinian people keep putting them in power.

I can see that raised eyebrow, and I share your incredulity. Deep down, I also struggle with the idea that the Palestinians can be THAT bad.

Of course, individually, they aren’t (that bad). I have too many Arab and Palestinian friends that I respect and admire to believe this about all of them – or even most of them. But, I know something that most raconteurs in the Middle East are loathe to even contemplate:

Humans are generally ignorant, vile and corrupt.

Of course, I can say all that because I don’t adhere to the cult-like belief in the ‘goodness of mankind’. I don’t wallow in the fantasy world of humanity’s ‘sweetness and light’. We’re awful, and I accept that. In fact, I have to accept it because I’m no better.

The only reason why I am not worse than this is that I see myself for who I am and don’t claim to be mistreated when I show my basic awfulness.