Sloppy and Decadent, Part 2

It’s not that the Western World CAN’T seem to do what they need to do; it’s that they just don’t want to. Western societies just do not want to do what needs to be done to keep themselves safe and secure.






Those qualities have plagued civilizations since from before history recorded such things.

But, I think that there’s something more at work here – something that’s a bit more than ‘just more of the same’. There seems to be this fantastic new religion sweeping the globe, and I call it the ‘cult of the goodness of humanity’.

When you believe that something is good, when it isn’t. When you invest the purpose of your life into maintaining that fiction… You ignore any and all evidence that disagrees with your view. In fact, you attack anyone who sets out to tell you the truth.

Let’s not forget that everyone needs a ‘religion’. Even those who hate the idea of religion have made that hatred a religion.

Now, what happens when you make the ‘goodness of humanity’ your religion?

You got it.

Humanity’s faults and ills are ignored, especially those who are the embodiment of those ills. And, those who try and ‘fix’ those ills are labeled as evil.

Doesn’t that story sound familiar?