Kissinger Strikes Again

A good friend of mine recently sent me an article that did not surprise me, but still made me sick. Here it is:

Thanks Daniel! (a.k.a.

It’s called Reassessing US-Israel Relations, and it reminds me of the most brilliant purveyor of cynical foreign policy that the world has ever known: Henry Alfred Kissinger. I don’t know if Henry was responsible for this latest bit of insanity, but whoever authors Obama’s foreign policy certainly was following in his footsteps.

And, it is one of the dumbest moves in a history of dumb moves.

Please remember that it was decades of Kissinger-esq, cynical foreign policy that has brought the world to the place where it is today. We sacrificed millions of lives on the alter of expediency. We handed Chile over to Pinochet. We funded murderous thugs in Africa and Central Asia. We didn’t care how awful anyone was, as long as they did our bidding.

If, instead, we had given hope to the hopeless… strength to the helpless… defence to the defenseless… …there would have been no Holocaust. Corruption-induced famines in Africa would have been averted, and Osama bin Laden would now be concluding a long career in Riyadh’s civil engineering corps.

However, in the 20th century we chose Kissingerism, and we continue to choose it in the 21st.

When will we ever learn.