One of the Best

Let’s call him George.

I can’t tell you his real name because to do so might endanger his life and the lives of his friends and his family. However, I think that I can tell you a bit about his story because there are too many like him.

When I first met George, he was on crutches and the skin on his face was broken and bruised. He was a mess.

I first started hearing about George from a friend who was a part of a larger group of people that have helped George escape from his attackers and given him a place to rest and recover.

You see, George is a Christian Palestinian and one of the finest people on the planet. Maybe I don’t know George well enough to see the faults and foolishness that seem to surround every human being. And, it may be that I just don’t know enough people like George to make an adequate comparison.

However, I suspect that I will be meeting more people like George in the future.

I will tell more of George’s story over the coming weeks, because his story is a fairly common one – although I will have to change some of the details for security reasons.

But, for now, let me just say that George is one of the finest people on the planet, and people like him are one of the reasons why I started this web site.

George is the best person that I know, and he is a Palestinian.