UN Imposes Gaza Blockade on Iran

Um… Not exactly.

It’s what they SHOULD have done, but instead the UN Security Council voted to impose a meaningless, watered-down version. But, even though it’s more finger-wagging than blockade, it IS still a blockade.

It actually gives permission for naval vessels to stop ships bound for Iran, and inspect their cargo – and deny them entry to Iran, if they should find banned items in the cargo hold.

But, wait a second. Haven’t we heard this one before?

Just a second… it’s coming to me. It’s… yeah… like the… Israeli blockade of Gaza!

But, I thought that blockades were wrong?

I mean, isn’t the UN doing something like what Israel is doing?

And, isn’t Israel being vilified by every news outlet on the planet?

So, why are we saying that it’s okay to blockade Iran, and not okay to blockade Gaza?

No, don’t answer. I know this one. Gaza is run by cute, teddy-bear-loving peaceniks, and Iran is run by people with unpronounceable last names.

Oh, and the next time that you hear about missiles from Gaza killing Israelis and destroying the livelihoods of thousands more, just remember that Gazans are not like Iranians.