We Have Lost Our Minds

For some reason, I am still shocked by this. I must be suffering a mental defect of some kind because I still seem to be surprised by evidence of insanity.

You would think that I’d have internalized the obvious fact that most of the world is insane and learn to live with it. Unfortunately, I’m still possessed with this crazy notion that people can think straight and brush their teeth if you give them enough time and incentive to do so.

By now, you are wondering what my point is.

When I returned to Jerusalem in February, I saw a city transformed. In the intervening three and a half years since I’d been gone, Jerusalem has blossomed. Car theft has declined dramatically. Terrorism has gone to almost zero.


Two words: THE WALL

The wall around the Palestinian controlled areas has kept the thieves and the terrorists where they belong, and I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we no longer need to worry about such people of ‘uncertain parentage’.

And, the world wants Israel to take it down?

Are they crazy?

Of course, I repeat myself.