You Get Shot

On May 31, 2010, the Israeli government politely requested that a Turkish ship, the Mavi Marmara, quietly dock at an Israeli port, or be boarded (arrested) in accordance with International Law. The Mavi Marmara decided to resist this arrest.

When you resist arrest in the US, and anywhere else in the world, what happens?

You get shot.

If you are stopped by the police, pull out a knife and stab a police officer, what happens?

You get shot.

If you… tell local government that you intend to engage in highly illegal activities… when they try to stop you… If you and your friends pull out knives, stab policemen, steal their weapons and start shooting. What happens?

You get shot.

Multiple times. 

What would you think would happen if you did this in any of the countries where these ‘activists’ came from, like Indonesia and Turkey?

You would get shot, and your friends and family would get shot.

Here’s an excerpt from the Jerusalem Post:

The 15th and last naval commando from Flotilla 13 (the Shayetet) to rappel down onto the ship from the helicopter, S. said on Thursday that he was immediately attacked by what the IDF has called “the mob of mercenaries” aboard the vessel, just like the soldiers who had boarded just before him.

Looking to his side, he saw three of his commanders lying wounded – one with a gunshot wound to the stomach and another with a gunshot wound to the knee. A third was lying unconscious; his skull was fractured by a devastating blow with a metal bar.

As the next in the chain of command, S., who has been in the Shayetet for three and a half years, immediately took charge.

He pushed the wounded soldiers up against the wall of the upper deck and created a perimeter of soldiers around them to begin treating their wounds, he said. He then arranged his men to form a second perimeter, and pulled out his 9 mm. Glock pistol to stave off the charging attackers and to protect his wounded comrades.

The attackers had already seized two pistols from the commandos, and fired repeatedly at them. Facing more than a dozen of the mercenaries, and convinced their lives were in danger, he and his colleagues opened fire, he said. S. singlehandedly killed six men. His colleagues killed another three.

On Thursday, S. sat down with The Jerusalem Post at the Shayetet’s base in northern Israel for an exclusive interview, during which he described the dramatic events aboard the Mavi Marmara on Monday; he is being considered for a medal of valor.

“When I hit the deck, I was immediately attacked by people with bats, metal pipes and axes,” S. told the Post. “These were without a doubt terrorists. I could see the murderous rage in their eyes and that they were coming to kill us.”

S. does not look like a hero. Well-built, like all commandos in the Shayetet, he is also soft-spoken and stingy with words, but his commander Lt.-Col. T. fills in the blanks.

“S. did a remarkable job,” T. said. “He stabilized the situation and succeeded in hitting six of the terrorists.”

Based on preliminary results of its investigation into the navy’s takeover of the Mavi Marmara, which ended with nine dead passengers and more than 30 wounded, the IDF said on Thursday that the commandos were attacked by a well-trained group of mercenaries, most of whom were found without IDs but with thousands of dollars in their pockets.

 – The Jerusalem Post, ‘We Had No Choice’ – June 4, 2010

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