One Week Shy of Three Months

What a difference three months makes.


I’ve gone from being painfully single to happily married.

My life has been turned upside down. I have a new apartment. A new car. A new credit rating. A new bank account. A new phone number. A new outlook on life. I am half American, half Israeli, and now half Chinese! (I get to say Tsou An, as I cut in line at Sunday morning ABF breakfasts!)


All that is to describe the deafening silence of the past three months.

I can hardly believe the changes that have happened. I’m still in a bit of shock and am probably just now coming to terms with it all. (So far, utterly fantastic.)

For those of you who need a picture:


The new Mr. and Mrs. Little

Now, THAT is a picture!

For those of you who need MORE pictures… you’ll just hafta ask nicely.

Now, I am hoping that this marks a return to regularly scheduled updates on IOL (Israel Outlook).

7 thoughts on “One Week Shy of Three Months”

  1. Congraqtulations!!
    Your wife is gorgeous!!

    For some strangely odd reason, I thought about this site today..weird.
    Don’t worry, I’ve been stressed out all of this time, so no time for internet stalking.. Or internet anything actually… inbox is over 400 I think. ….SP!!!!!!!! where are you? I have a feeling this site is going to turn way different..almost nausiatingly nausiating:) Like with annoying cute baby pictures and all-
    Maybe we can find some additional sites to go play? I really received a stellar education here..totally impressive to the average public. We will have to find something educational? How have you been, Chickiola?

    Again, congratulations to the beautiful bride:):) I don’t think anyone would mind hearing about the know, the flowers and dresses and food stuff..Blessings!

  2. Thanks AnnaBanana!

    Um, I hope to not be tooo nauseating, but it IS possible. After all, I’m a guy. All us guys are at least PARTLY nauseating!

    And, yeah, I will hafta do a writeup on the whole improbable way that Kwei and I met and wound up married. I’m not even sure if I believe it yet, and I was the one who proposed!

    Well, I’m pretty certain that I was the one. There was this cell phone, a bad connection, and a subway…

    It gets a Little confusing after that.

    Hope to see y’all back, soon!

    – John


  3. Welcome back John!! You have been missed. Judging from the photo, it is easy to see why you lost your gravitational center ;o)
    Kwei is beautiful, and you make a very attractive couple. YES! by all means, give us the details (women love details you know) and
    pictures would REALLY be nice. You might also include interpretations when dazzling us with you new language ;o) I picked up a few words when I was in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taiwan a couple of years ago, but I don’t remember “Tsau An”. Shih-shih (sp.?) is about all I remember, which means “thank you”. It’s not an easy language to learn since there is no alphabet but many different sounds. The food presentations are beautiful and amazing, but taste and texture not at all what I expected, being a Westerner. Lots of eggs, rice and seafood. Hope you don’t have a real sweet, sweet tooth, lolololol.
    Well, congratulations to you and best wishes to your lovely bride. Hope your lives together are full of happiness and laughter.

  4. Hey John,

    for I didn’t get this via mail I just now found out you’re back.
    Congratulations and mazal tov sooooo much to both of you. And that picture … breathtaking. What a incredible beautiful wife and what a handsome, unmisstakeably happy husband. I am sooooooooo happy for you. Both of you :-)

    As for those other pictures you mentioned … you still have my email adress, don’t you? ;-)

    Looking forward to read more of your stuff again, I was missing you!


  5. John!!!!!!!!
    you nut!!
    whoa whoa and double whoa!
    I have a huge smile on my face!
    Who could be happier for you than me..
    and you and Kwei of course
    All our sharing singlehood misery.
    I feel such incredible joy for you!
    lots of love
    and regards to beautiful Kwei


  6. Hi Guys!
    I have a big favour to ask: Will you say a prayer for tedders and all of the other kind, innocent people at a certain blog site? I don’t want to go into details, but it has gotten so incredibly dark, I can’t read some of the stuff anymore. “Troll” is actually too kind of a word for this disgusting person.

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