ANOTHER Personal Note

Okay, enough is enough.

The server and database errors for this site, and for my other sites, have become intolerable. Actually, they were intolerable a long time ago, but I just wasn’t able to really devote the time and effort to switch over to a new set of servers.

Now the errors have piled up even higher.

Not good.

REALLY not good.

Which is why I will be switching this website over to a new set of servers managed by HostMonster ( Sometime between now and Monday afternoon my websites will have a new home.

Why Monday afternoon?

Well, the second most important thing that has ever happened to me arrives on US Airways flight 3623 at 1:14 – ain’t gonna’ get ANYTHING done after THAT.

Oh and all of my websites will be sub-folders of the main site:

I like that.

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