Terrorist Economics 101 – Part 2 – Family Values

So, all these suicide bombers are blowing themselves up to get ‘saved’, right?

Well, it’s a bit more than that.

Remember that piece I did on my friend, the assassin? Well, here’s a quote from it:

However, this little boy had been hired by Hamas to murder Palestinians who supported Israel, and he was also very good at his job. And, as long as this little boy killed for them, Hamas allowed his parents and siblings to live in a nice house – with all that a family like that needed.

A little boy who kills people, and my friend who loves children had to go and kill him.

  – From My Friend the Assassin

When you kill for Hamas, your family prospers. It’s as simple as that.

You may not even LIKE the idea of killing people, but if your family is desperate and starving… well you’ll do anything for them. And, killing comparatively ‘rich’ Israelis that you don’t know – and who are infidels…

Well, if it means that your family will live in a nice house and eat regular meals, it’s worth it – especially, if you are a Palestinian raised to put family before anything (and anyone) else.

This should help you understand why Israel demolishes the houses of suicide bombers. They have to try and eliminate the financial/economic benefit that terrorists receive when they commit mass murder.

‘Cuz it really is about family values.