Terrorist Economics 101 – Part 1 – Getting Saved (B)

I know that ‘Getting Saved’ doesn’t really fit within any classical idea of economics, but then again, terrorism doesn’t either. And, I really want to bang on this drum one more time because it’s a vital point that no one seems to be getting.

I don’t have kids, so what I’m about to say is pretty theoretical. But, I can IMAGINE wanting my kids to go to heaven. I mean, we would ALL like our kids to have life after death, right? You want your kids to have a good life? Well, what could be better than being sure that your kids have a great ETERNAL life?

Well, NOTHING could be better than that.

And, if you see your kids going off the rails, drinking and getting into trouble… well, you’d start to worry. In fact, if one of your kids fell TOO far from the tree… well, you’d start to wonder if being a suicide bomber wouldn’t be the best thing for them.

Or, think of it this way.

If you are a devout Christian, you want to see your kids baptized and go to church.

If you are a devout Jew, you want to see your kids circumcised (if they are boys) and go to synagogue.

If you are a devout Muslim… well, I guess that you want your kids to be suicide bombers?

I know that this is an over-simplification of the issue and that there are devout Muslims who do NOT see Islam in this way, but I also know that the majority of devout Muslims DO see it this way.

So, the next time you see a suicide bomber’s family rejoice, remember that there’s a very real reason why they are doing so.

Their kid got saved, and is frolicking in eternal bliss.

Gotta love it. 

7 thoughts on “Terrorist Economics 101 – Part 1 – Getting Saved (B)”

  1. WoW now that’s a first.

    Now if you could put a movie clip or YouTube video with it to give an even clearer picture I think people would have an even better understanding.

    I went and rented the movie Rendition knowing full well that it would be politically driven and it was. However, it did give a simlified version of radical islam and the terrorist movement.

    Movies like this make me want to find the nearest liberal and give ’em a good slap!

    I do not like when Hollywood underminds our Government. I am not nieve and I do know there is corruption, but to create movies that instill negativity toward our leaders as a whole and the decisions that they make, well….this election proves what THEY (the left) are capable of.

    Does anyone on here know what John means by ‘Saved’?

    I pray for the lessor of the three evils this presidential election, but if HE(God) chooses to give them unto themselves, (them meaning the liberals of our society) well lets just say we are ALL in for the ride of our lives.

  2. Maybe he has such an underdeveloped conscience (or any?), he has no problem dropping some bombs and ending this War.
    But…Iran won’t have that…hey, why doesn’t the whole world start tossing bombs?

    This is really a difficult election-I know I shouldn’t have said that at this site.

  3. Me? Mean? I don’t need drugs. I am feeling just find with the exception of this cold John gave me.

    John dear you better take good care of yourself. Get your strength back because YOUR GONNA NEED IT!!!!

    As for Hilary uh well good luck with that.

    That’s why I like Charlie Brown. Let’s all vote for CB.

    Did ya see there talking Mitt and McCain.

    This is gonna be interesting.

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