Terrorist Economics 101 – Part 1 – Getting Saved

There were some interesting comments posted on my last article, so it’s time to talk about the economics of Terrorism – Economics 101, the terrorist version. (Thanks everyone for stepping up to comment!)

By the way, I’m going to keep this short, ‘cuz it’s Saturday, and I have a miserable cold.


Where was I… oh, yes…

We actually hafta start with religion, because that is what gets the terrorist organizations going in the first place.

LookieLou posted a comment explaining that Islam is a religion of death. Unfortunately, as harsh as that statement sounds, and as distasteful as it is to repeat it… well, he’s right. (We go back a ways, and he’s been right more often than I’ve been willing to admit. But, you didn’t hear me say that.)

I could go through a complete analysis of the Qur’an (aka: Koran) and give you the socio/anthropological implications of every Sura (verse) in the Qur’an. I won’t because it would be tedious, there’s no time, and you don’t have the money for it. (It is NOT something that I would do for free.).

So, let’s just say that we did… and DON’T.


The problem with Islam is salvation.

You don’t actually GET saved. What you do is work as hard as you can every day to BE saved and hope that it’s enough when you eventually stand before Allah. And, you won’t really know it was enough until AFTER it was too late to do anything about it.

And, if you’ve made too many poor moral choices in your life? You’re screwed.

Oh, but there IS one way around this little problem.

If you get yourself killed while killing someone who is against Islam… well, you go straight to the highest levels of heaven and frolic for eternity with seventy virgins of your choice. Sounds like a good deal, if that’s the only way that you can get to heaven.

Now do you understand why so many drug addicts, thieves, and other low-lifes step forward to become suicide bombers?

They’re gettin’ saved!

2 thoughts on “Terrorist Economics 101 – Part 1 – Getting Saved

  1. Re your paragraph which begins ‘If you get yourself killed while killing someone…..’

    The following is a quote from IRSHAD MANJI’s book “THE TROUBLE WITH ISLAM”: “But we have reason to believe that there’s trouble in paradise, a human error that’s made its way into the Koran. According to new research, what martyrs can anticipate for their sacrifices aren’t virgins but raisins! The word that Koranic scholars has for centuries read as ‘dark-eyed virgins’ – hur – might be more accurately understood as “white raisins”.

    She quotes Christoph Luxemberg, a specialist in Middle Eastern languages, who goes on to say that more of the Koran may have been mis-translated.

    The above is found on page 51 of the book – I urge you to read the book – it’s an eye-opener.

  2. Hey John,

    A great one, as usual. Thanks a lot.
    But, as much as you may be upset by that whilst needing your rest for getting healthy, don’t you think the problem you depicted is more one of fundamentalist religion of any kind then something that belongs exclusively to Islam? Just take fundamentalist Roman Catholics ;) They too don’t know for sure how to avoid purgatory. They’ll only know when it is too late which may trick them into trying really, really hard to be God’s best little Roman Catholic …
    Anyway … as we all know Roman Catholics may be nasty folks but at least they don’t usually blow themselves up in a breaking full school bus or so … NOWADAYS.
    These days the Roman Catholic church, with it’s considerable image problem and people running away in herds, is on it’s peace-trip but we don’t have to go back very far in our history books to find times when they had absolutely no problem killing innocent people for the sake of their “religion”. What I mean by this is: Every fundamentalist religion is capable of supporting terrorism and genocide. If it is doing it at a certain time is, of course, a different issue.

    I have some more for you but I’ll safe that for later on ;)
    Thanks for your great article and get well really soon


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