Personal Note – What I Was Up To On Tuesday

There was this period of silence earlier this week, and I feel the need to explain.

It started Monday afternoon with a phone call to my sister, informing her that I’m getting married to Kwei. Becky got all excited and asked me how it was done…

When I told her that it involved a train and cell phones, her response was…

“I can’t believe that you proposed to her that way.”

You could hear “YOU DORK” tacked on the end of that sentence, but she was too nice to say it.

And, then she said, “Did you at least send her flowers?”

My response was a rather chagrined “Um… Er… …no?”


Poor Kwei is marrying a total and absolute Klutz when it comes to being romantic.

Anyway, my sister went on to tell me that when I got off the phone from her, I was to buy the BIGGEST bouquet of flowers that I could find and pay AT LEAST a hundred dollars for them, more if I had to.

Properly chastened, I went online to look for flowers to send to my favorite person in the whole world.

A hundred dollars didn’t get you much.

A hundred and FIFTY dollars didn’t get you much.


In fact, I wasn’t terribly impressed by the THREE HUNDRED dollar flowers. I was stumped. I don’t like doing things by half-measures, and this was starting look like one.

Then I had this thought. What if there’s a flight out to Philadelphia… and if it doesn’t bankrupt me… and…

And, there it was.

Right about that time, Becky calls me back and tells me that she has an engagement ring to give to Kwei, from my paternal grandmother who was a wonderful woman, and would have loved to have Kwei wear her ring.

So, I left the house at 4 a.m. the next day (Tuesday), carrying a vase with 24 long-stemmed roses and an engagement ring. Eleven hours later, at 3 p.m. I was at her door in Philadelphia.

It was quite a moment.

Two hours later, I had to start back to Indianapolis, but it was worth it. Totally.

Now, we feel engaged.


Thanks also go to Anna for pointing out how un-cool it was for me to blurt out my proposal via cell phone, while Kwei was on the train. It was VERY un-cool, but I couldn’t help myself. I’ve lost my mind, I tell you. Totally lost it.

Just don’t tell Kwei what she’s getting into, and it’ll be okay.

9 thoughts on “Personal Note – What I Was Up To On Tuesday

  1. “but it was worth it. Totally.”

    You’re making the stories you’ll be telling your grandkids some day!!

  2. John,

    When you told me this story and got to the part about how you asked Kwei, I almost smacked you upside the head then I thought “wait, he’s driving my car and let’s hear him out”.

    I highly suggest you start watching a few romantic movies. Pick up a romance novel or two… I know how much you adore reading; go to the used book store! Take it from a fourteen year veteran of marital bliss; you MUST learn how to speak Kwei’s love language. Your impromptu trip tells me that you have a special gift within you when it comes to romance. It just needs to be polished up and sharpened. Besides, once you get the hang of it, you will both have so much fun romancing each other.

    You’re a blessed man…

    Take care,

  3. LOL! you didn’t even have an engagement ring….
    yeah, that’s pretty bad.
    No, that’s just uncool
    You are going to marry a very special lady:)

  4. SP? SPita?Chickiola?
    where did you go?
    I miss ignoring your nonsense:)
    Can you even believe John proposed over the phone?
    I would have just laughed at him:)
    How r u ?

  5. Hey John,

    well the fact that she forgave you (indeed wasn’t mad at you to begin with, as far as I remember) sounds like you found the perfect lid for your pot. Anyhow I support Arch’s proposal to start reading some romantic novels and / or see some movies. Perhaps that’s gonna give you at least an idea about that kind of stuff … and if you don’t report on a read book soon I am gonna WRITE you one. This is a threat! Your Kwei is a gorgeous woman so you guy have to learn how to threat her like that!

    hach … actually I am still soooo happy for you!

    ‘wish the two of you all the best, again


  6. Hi! John:

    Life is always full of surprises.
    It doesn’t matter what kind propose was.
    It is the heart that matter.

    Happy for you both!
    Wish the best for you and Kwei!


  7. Hi, John,

    This is Michelle. You don’t know me and I have never heard of you before today. Then I had lunch with Kwei today. She gave me your blog address and I ran into this proposal story. I am really happy for Kwei and you because from your writing, I can tell you are a very special person. Fun, intelligent, genuine and much more that Kwei would appreciate. Time will prove that Kwei is worthy of anything and everything in this whole world.

    Anyhow, hope all the best for you guys.

    Best Regards,

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