I’ve Decided To Keep It A Secret

I always look at my previous post to see if I need to add anything else – anything that would help add depth to a person’s understanding. So, when I looked at Friday’s post, I thought: 

You know, there really IS something missing  – something that I need to add.

However, it impacts someone else, and I’m always reluctant to mention anything personal that could negatively impact another person. I’m not against it, mind you – just reluctant.

For instance I started out Friday’s post, with:

I was talking to someone that I am very close to…

Should I tell you that this ‘someone’ is named Kate? That she has agreed to marry me? I’m just not sure that I should do that.

Y’all know how nuts I am, and y’all know that it would take someone REALLY crazy to actually agree to marry me. So, I’m…

Well, I’m just reluctant to accuse someone of being THAT crazy. It’s just not a nice thing to do.

And, then I’d hafta go on and on about how she’s the most beautiful woman in the world… That’s she’s awesome… That she’s smarter than I am… 

And, saying all that could make a woman embarrassed. 

A gentleman just does NOT embarrass a woman that he loves. It’s just not done.

Now, I know what you’re going to say. So, I’ll admit it right now: it’s a pretty silly idea for me to worry about being a gentleman, but ya’ gotta start SOMEWHERE. I mean, Kate will have a HUGE job on her hands trying to get me civilized. I should at least TRY to do my part.

She’ll probably even make me pick up my socks.


And, then, there are these “Have you set a date” questions. I’ve left that up to her, and she already KNOWS when I would like to get married. Like… oh… TOMORROW?

So, you see, with all of these questions, and the sticky nature of the issue… Well, I think that you will understand.

I’ve decided not to tell you that I’ve met the most wonderful woman in the world and that she’s agreed to marry me. I mean, with all that I’ve said above, why would I reveal details like that?

So, I’ve decided to keep it a secret, for now.


9 thoughts on “I’ve Decided To Keep It A Secret

  1. aghhhhhhhhhhhh why didn’t you call me????? Is she coming to the wedding w/you?? I want to meet her – yipeeeeee and congrats big guy!!!!

  2. Congratulations!
    I think 100,000 readers can keep a secret:)
    Will you be getting married and living in Israel?
    Well…she must be a genius:)

    I’m sorry, SP…you know..Joshua Bell is still single? We would have a lot of fun messing up that message board:)
    How are you, BTW?

  3. I promise, I won’t tell a soul!!!!

    Congratulations John. I didn’t marry until I was 36 (I’ll be 48 in 10 days) And my life has gotten better every single day since, I hope you and Kate are as happy as Lori and I are!! ” That she’s smarter than I am… “, ditto, I was a little reluctant to accept the fact at first but it has worked out wonderfully for me, er, I mean us! : )

    We want to know all about her, where you met, how long you’ve known her, everything you feel comfortable enough to tell us, your adoring fans.

  4. MAZAL TOV!!!!!!! I LOVE HER ALREADY…if you love her then we all love her…ahhhhh john i am so very very very happy for you…kiss her for me and tell her that she has family in israel…you???you’re more than family…ps does she know how lucky she is??? you too…oy i am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!! tomorrow i tell the writing group…yahooooooooooo…little john little is allllllllllll grown up…sigh

  5. mazal tov and herzlichen Glückwunsch John,

    wow, that’s a piece of news you decided not to tell us ;) I am sooooo unthinkable happy for you. Both of you. You, as far as I got to know you, are a wonderful man. Not though you are a lil’ crazy but BECAUSE you are a lil’ crazy. She’s a lucky woman, your Kate, but I’m sure she does know that.

    Okay … now I ran out of words. Can you imagine that happening to ME??? That’s what you did to me!

    I just wish you all the best I can think of. You of all deserve that happyness!


  6. Wait a minute..
    you proposed to a woman over the phone?!
    Isn’t that kind of not cool?
    I’m not trying to be all criticism, but maybe you should have consulted with us first:):) But she said yes, so that is all that matters:)

  7. Mazal Tov Mazal Tov Mazal Tov. I’m so happy for you. May your lives be filled with all the wonderful things you wish for yourselves. Now – aren’t you glad you set up my blog site? Without your help I wouldn’t have been part of the blogging world – and I wouldn’t have been able to wish you Mazal Tov Mazal Tov Mazal Tov.

  8. T’other day, as I was twining
    Roses, for a crown to dine in,
    What, of all things, midst the heap,
    Should I light on, fast asleep,
    But the little desperate elf,
    The tiny traitor,—Love himself!!
    By the wings I pinched him up
    Like a bee, and in a cup
    Of my wine I plunged and sank him:
    And what d’ye think I did?—I drank him!
    Faith, I thought him dead. Not he!!
    There he lives with tenfold glee;
    And now this moment, with his wings
    I feel him tickling my heart strings.
    – Leigh Hunt

    Congrats John!!

  9. I’m so glad to hear this wonderful news! Way to go John… I can’t wait to meet Kate! I spoke with Greta and she is thrilled as well. Take care my friend…

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