Counting Sirens

I was talking to someone that I am very close to, when an email came in from a friend in Jerusalem. Among other things, my friend wrote:

we are still hysterical about last night…my roey who is five called so upset…they live up the street from sharey zedek and the ambulances were screaming by…and that is his world…yeshivahs etc

Eight dead and eleven injured.

In Israel, even little boys know what the sirens mean.

You count them.

If you get too many, it’s a terrorist attack. And, if you live near a major hospital, like little Roey, you grow up hearing ambulances and counting sirens.

I’ve had my own share of times when I’ve counted sirens and come up with too many. I’ve heard them in the distance. I’ve seen the ambulances rush by. I’ve prayed for each and every one of them. Always.

The sirens sit like a dreadful lump in the pit of your stomach. Your heart wants to stop beating. An act of supreme hatred has been perpetrated, and you ache.

Of course, now that I am in the US, I don’t count the sirens, and I don’t jump as much when fireworks go off. The political tension has lessoned its grip on me.

But, little boys in Israel are still counting.

4 thoughts on “Counting Sirens

  1. Dear John – read my blog from today for an ordinary citizen’s reaction to last night’s terrorist attack. Lest you think that I tar all Palestinians and Arabs with the same brush – not true. As in all countries and all cultures – there are “goodies” and “baddies” – I’m talking about the “baddies”.

  2. And I do tar all Palestinians and Arabs with the same brush. And I make no apologies for it.

    They love death and we love life. They teach their children to die as a martyr for “Allah.” We teach out children to live life full of love of G-d and Torah. They live a culture of death. It is evil, pure and simple.

  3. Bless his heart.
    I worry about my family when I see an ambulance

    This War has gone on entirely too long.

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