Welcome to the Good Old Days

Isn’t it great to go back and relive the ‘Good Old Days’ of yesteryear?

I love the Sixties, especially. There’s something about the beginnings of terrorism and the heating up of the Cold War that gets a guy like me so… frustrated.

The operations currently being conducted by Israeli combat teams in Gaza are like something straight out of the Sixties. Young Israeli men (boys, really) are having to go in on the ground, destroy specific targets, capture specific individuals, and return safely.

All because Israel does not want to hurt Palestinian civilians.

Straight out of the Sixties, I’m telling you.

And, just like the Sixties, the world is horrified that Israel is invading ‘sovereign Palestinian territory’. The world also looks the other way as Iran arms the Palestinians.

If the world does not wake up and get behind Israel in this current situation, we will see a repeat of the 1960s – the rise of international terrorism and war in the Middle East.

Putin’s Russia already seems bent on building a new version of the old Soviet Empire, why do we want to add to that?

I have no idea why we continue to repeat our mistakes, but I guess that, if we have to, we might as well enjoy it.

Welcome to the Good Old Days.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the Good Old Days

  1. The situation on the ground in Gaza and the South is making all of us here crazy. The Palestinians are sending Kassams and Grad rockets into Sderot and Ashkelon daily – many times a day – and the “free world” is calling upon us not to cause a humanitarian crisis in Gaza!!! Gimme a break. If the Palestinians stop shelling us we have no cause to hit back. Simple – no?

    Incidentally – when Matan Vilna’i used the work “shoah” with regard to what we will do to Gaza, he didn’t mean The Holocaust. The word “shoah” – with a small ‘s’ means disaster – “The Shoah” – using the word ‘the’ and a capital ‘S’ means The Holocaust.

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