What I Mean By ‘Train Wreck’

The train wreck that has me upset is really nothing new. It’s just the latest round of the same-old, same-old.


And, the two trains crashing into each other are the Palestinians of Gaza… and Hamas.

I bet that you are wondering why I’m not mentioning Israel. Well, Israel’s certainly there. They’re the ones jumping up and down, waving their arms, and trying to get the trains to stop.

In fact, there’s even a THIRD train called ‘World Opinion’. That one’s coming down the track behind the other two.

Over the past few years, Israel has been trying to hand over control of Palestinian areas, hoping and praying that they would handle themselves appropriately – like a country that deserves independence and self-governance. And, there are a LOT of Palestinians who DO deserve independence and self-governance. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough to stop the rockets raining down on the city of Sderot (pronounced Ssdare-OHT).

No country in the WORLD has EVER been as patient and careful as Israel. While death and destruction has rained down on Sderot from rockets fired from Gaza, Israel has begged the Palestinians to stop doing this – to deal with Hamas. But, they’ve refused.

Not only have they refused, but the Palestinians have brought in weapons from Iran, hoping to turn Israel’s eventual re-invasion of Gaza into a bloodbath.

You see, Hamas is actually TRYING to get Israel to invade, so that they can kill as many Israelis as possible. They think that their Iranian weapons will inflict horrific damage on young Israeli soldiers (most of whom are still teenagers).

And, unfortunately, Hamas is right. The Iranian weapons that Hamas has smuggled into Gaza WILL inflict terrible damage on young Israeli boys and girls – but, only because these soldiers will be doing their best to keep Palestinian civilians from being killed.

You see, Israel has ALWAYS done everything possible to protect the lives of the innocent. Israel could destroy Hamas right now, without losing very many (if any) soldiers – but, the number of dead Palestinian women and children (and men) would be horrific. Israel has ALWAYS done everything possible to keep innocent civilians from experiencing the dangers of war.

But, I don’t think that they can do that this time.

So, that’s what I mean by ‘Train Wreck’.

And, it’s going to be awful. 

2 thoughts on “What I Mean By ‘Train Wreck’”

  1. Hey John,

    You are basically right, BUT Israel’s not “Angels and Saints Inc.” too. There surely are narrow-minded military just as much as there are in any other military all around the world. And you don’t need to look as far as the Winograd-report to see that the Israeli military and government has fucked up a lot too. I think we always have to keep that in mind. Especially if writing pro-Israel because there are so many people out there who might read this and think “that’s just propaganda!”.

    But the point is, and this is where I agree on your opinion, that Israel’s in general making a huge effort to save civilians whereas Hamas makes a huge effort to kill civilians. Not only Israeli but their own people too. But one thing I actually liked to read recently and that gave me some hope (you know I never run out of that) is how little support Hamas had lately. E.g. with that chain of men alongside the border where they had to admit that only about 1/10 of the amount of people they had expected came there. I know, I know it’s still quite a way to go until that turns into an outright revolution against Hamas, but still I think little developement in the right direction’s better then none at all.

    I really pray that Israel won’t have to invade Gaza though I know we are approaching a level where it’d need nothing short of a miracle to prevent it. But miracles can happen, can’t they?

    best regards


  2. Hey Magda,

    Of course, you are right. Israel has never been a perfect country. Anyone who has lived in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem can attest to that. And, the effort to stamp out Israel’s imperfections should be never-ending.

    However, I think that more people need to realize that the big loser in this conflict isn’t Hamas or Israel. It’s the Palestinian people themselves.

    And, it doesn’t need to be like this.

    If the Palestinians would throw out Hamas and adopt even the most minimal norms of International behaviour…

    Well, they’d be able to avoid all this.

    What a tragedy.

    Thanks for your comments!

    – John

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