Manhattan Weekend

I flew out to Manhattan over the weekend, and it symbolized a lot that was difficult about America’s war on terrorism.

For instance, when I arrived at the US Airways ticket desk, I found that my name was on the ‘no board’ list and was told that I need to come extra-early to the airport to go through extra check-in. What a complete shock. Someone with my name was on the No Board List?


Now, I happen to know that there are a lot of John Littles out there, and most of them are pretty good guys – but, I also know that there are a couple John Littles that should never be allowed to board ANY public transport.

An embarrassment to the name, I tell you.

But, the idea that moi would actually be suspected of being a threat to public safety… Well, it was utterly ridiculous, which has its own appeal. (I think that y’all have figured out that I LOVE the ridiculous.)

Anyway, that was the flight out. Saturday.

As I always do whenever I travel, I spent a lot of time walking. I got a chance to see Chinatown, the Strand Bookstore, and Ground Zero.

Ground Zero.

It’s hard to really picture what it must have been like during, and after, the fall of the World Trade Center. All that you can see now is a pit and construction equipment. And, you hafta look through holes in the fence to see even THAT.

I was told that the reason why it is STILL a pit is that no one really knows what to do with it. Oh, plans have been bandied about. There’ve been speeches, hand wavings and beatings of chest – but nothing has been done.

That sounds an awful lot like our ‘War on Terrorism’. There’ve been a lot of speeches. The hand wavings and beatings of chest have been impressive. The plans are enormous and comprehensive. But…

It’s STILL a pit, and no one really knows what to do with it.

Well, that was Saturday. 

On Sunday, I had an H & H Bagel from THE H & H Bagel shop, saw Central Park, attended a Mandarin-speaking church service, and flew home. It was a truly incredible weekend (um… for more reasons than the above).

On the way back, I arrived at the airport early because I was a dangerous man on the No Board List. I asked the ticketing clerk about my appearance on the aforesaid list, only to find out that I’ve been singled out for attention because two other people with my last name are on the list. There isn’t anyone named John Little there. I guess we John Littles just aren’t dangerous enough.


4 thoughts on “Manhattan Weekend

  1. John,

    I just love flying these days… I’m really glad to hear you had a great experience. Let’s get together for coffee. I hope you took some great photo’s.

    Best regards,

  2. Hey John,

    With my disbeliefe in US American Democracy and Freedom of Speech I wouldn’t be surprised if one day you make it on that list by means of this blogg. So just stay on writing *efg*


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