Big Vacuum, part 2

There’s something in all of us that needs God.

Even Richard Dawkins says so, but in a completely different way.

The point is that we have a built-in need to believe in a power greater than ourselves. And, if you take that higher power out of someone’s life, they will go searching for another one.

That’s what’s happening with Islam. Europe has ‘successfully’ liberated themselves from the chains of the Roman Catholic Church. And, I can understand their general feeling of satisfaction at this accomplishment.

Unfortunately, they have failed to provide a replacement. Even the Communists of Russia and Eastern Europe knew that the people needed SOMETHING to worship – which is why they spent so much time erecting icons and ‘temples’ to The State.

But, the EU isn’t even going as far as to do THAT.

Now, I am NOT advocating worship of individuals or governments, quite the opposite. But, what I AM saying is that Europe has freed itself from one form of bondage and sold itself to an even greater one.

My recommendation to the EU is this:

If you cannot identify who God is, at least encourage others to do so. 

Encourage a belief in God as a part of public and private life. Don’t tell them who/what to have faith in, but at least encourage the search for the faith that makes sense to them.

That will undoubtedly sound pretty scary to some (if not all) of you, but the alternative is FAR worse. Islam is making deep inroads into European and American societies, and it is quickly becoming a serious threat. People like Richard Dawkins believe that they are helping us by trying to eliminate God from our lives.

However, all that Dawkins and others have done is to eliminate any resistance to the spread of Islam.

Too much more of this, and I’ll start suggesting that y’all practice your ‘Allahu Akbar’. 

2 thoughts on “Big Vacuum, part 2

  1.’s what I think:
    There are, seriously, unlimited compositions of soil.
    That would be like our DNA.
    But God blew life into that soil/dust/clay and gave us a spirit and soul that cannot be measured

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