I think that I’m back.

It has been said “I think, therefore I am.” But, I’ll settle for “I think that I’m back.”

Sorry about the deafening silence, but I was hired to be a technical writer and was slotted into an entirely DIFFERENT position that I was totally unsuited for. And, there were these Little bits of minor miscommunication that snowballed.

The up/down/sideways shot of it was that I was ‘shut down’ creatively, and frankly couldn’t do ANY but the most basic writing for the past two-three months.

However, my contract is finished, so I’m free to write. (Of course, this means that I need to find ANOTHER contract.)

By the way, a very cool friend of mine in Philadelphia has started reading this blog, and she thinks that you guys are awesome. And, when I went online and saw that y’all had left 105 comments…. I thought, wow. You guys really ARE awesome.

Thank you.

Thank you all for sticking with a Little guy.

7 thoughts on “Hmmmm…

  1. It’s an honor to have you back and writing John! We were starting to worry! Being a small business owner myself I can relate with finishing a contract and then having to start from scratch to find another. There’s no sales force out there to keep the work coming in at an orderly pace, feast or famine, nothing in between!! lol

    I know some of the other posters will be thrilled to have you back too.

  2. Well, I kinda liked all of this free therapy business:)
    I should just make it a habbit of visiting random sites and venting.
    SP? Yep, she is going to go craziola with this news:):)
    Maybe, SP, you can dedicate another song?:)

  3. Great you’re back, John! Looking forward a lot to your future blogs :)
    and good luck for you finding just the job you’ve always dreamt of ASAP.


  4. Yo John,

    Glad to see your back! I really missed your blog. Can’t talk longer, I just got called into a meeting.

    Best regards,

  5. “SP? Yep, she is going to go craziola with this news:):)
    Maybe, SP, you can dedicate another song?:)”

    Anna what are you talking about?

    Glad your ok John.

    Hope I get the job and you get whatever you need soon.

    :) ciao

  6. Welcome back, Jean Paul!
    It’s lovely to see you back where you belong.
    Look out, wreakers of havoc…He’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

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