Clan Little

I’m not finished with Iran just yet, so expect the next installment on our bamboozlement Real Soon Now.

That’s ‘cuz I want to talk about family history.


As in, my illustrious forebears were… the biggest bunch of scum that ever graced a family tree – or at least swung from one. They all should have been drowned at birth. Thieves and cattle rustlers. We were the biggest bunch of pirates you ever saw.

Of course, that was pretty much life with the border clans of Scotland and England. And, we were big on horses – probably because we stole ’em.  

And, our clan badge. You gotta love this one:

Concede nothing
Badge of Clan Little circa 1600s
(means: Concede Nothing) 

Concede nothing?

You’d think that we were Pales-…


Which is why this diatribe belongs here.

The forebears of the current batch of Palestinians were the biggest bunch of pirates you ever saw. No one was safe traveling through Palestine unless you brought lots of armed guards. 

I guess that’s what Clan Little had to be proud of. If you were traveling into Scotland, you’d better have brought LOTS of guards – ‘cuz Clan Little was there.  

For a more in-depth look at my family’s great history, go here:

113 thoughts on “Clan Little

  1. Yay! look who’s back!
    Lots of prayers, SP..
    sometimes I wonder if I’m in purgatory or something:)
    You’ll have to go up and read my most excellent work rant:):)

    “Something is definitely wrong with this picture don’t cha think?”

    Yes, but you know what? I don’t think many people can see it-or they just choose not to.
    You know, SP, I don’t think it is God, but more of the Devil. He
    seems to work harder on the practicing Christians? I guess everyone else is just too easy.
    Yes, you have had a lot to deal with.
    The Lord only gives us what we can handle

  2. Anna,

    I’ve already been there and done that.

    I was with him at the beginning and i’ll be with him until the end.


  3. Me thinks the blog is on overload.

    Go to the top, click on comments, right next to FEED ON and view your latest comments. Then click on that little arrow and post a new one.

    I am visiting political sites so I have the full picture of this election. It is very interesting.

    Plus I feel yucky and look like I haven’t slept much according to my Mother so i’m staying close to home.

    I have tons of work here to keep me busy. I just don’t get paid in cash money to do it.


    Once I see a Doc and get some drugs i’ll be back in the race.

    see ya

    I did read your rant and had myself a good laugh. I think most workers feel that way. Of course there is a company here in Houston who seems to be doing things differant. They even have message chairs for their employees to use on breaks or lunch.

    They provide a nice break room complete with a nice coffee bar and purified water system.

    Folks seemed happy there and that was a refreshing change. Of course I am not a career girl but from what i’ve heard most employees hate there boss and where they work.

  4. No! don’t leave us!

    BTW, Tedders, thanks for the advices on that little blue capsule over there…I’ve been using the arrow keys and the arrow markers over there.
    I seriously didn ‘t know that little puppy worked like that:)
    I is a colege gradutate

  5. “Did you know that Noahs Ark could be in IRAN??”

    I promise to stay on topic..okay, I’ll try, but tangents just come naturally to me:):):)

  6. Sassy! Quick, take Anna up on her sweet potato recipe before she moves on to another subject! (tangents just come naturally to me) I think she’s A.D.D. like me!! LOL What were we just talking about?

    Anna, did you figure out a more efficient way to move the page up or down from my completely inadequate description?

    You no, six munths ago I kudnt sae inginere and now I r one!!! : )

  7. And I meant everything I said up there.
    AND I have no regrets.
    In Fact, that was just the tip of the iceberg…I think that woman is pry possessed by a demon.
    AND I really don’t care.
    I should pray for her, but I don’t want to…so we’all shall pray for me, SP, and T:):)

  8. “Retirement center info:):)”

    kill ’em with kindness I say, they’ll eventually figure out it was all sarcasm and be deeply disturbed!! LOL

  9. Actually, I’m always nice-really.
    Maybe they weren’t used to that.
    I’m still not praying for them

    How’s SP?
    lots of prayers for SP, T, and Me:):)

  10. SP?
    How are you?
    I think people have moved on to “Your John”‘s newest articles, so
    You can vent here..or send me an email? I’m on his article notification list?
    Lots of Prayers,

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