Balancing Accounts

Carter deserves every bit of the criticism that Tedders was handing out. Every bit and more. Unfortunately, Carter isn’t the whole story.

Carter rose to power because America was suffering from a crisis of morality. He won the Democrat Party’s nomination because the other Democratic nominees were found to be morally suspect.

And, the Democratic Party won the Presidency because Ford felt that he had to pardon Nixon.

And, Nixon. That scoundrel was one of the most morally destitute presidents that we have ever had – and no, I am NOT talking about Watergate. The justices that he appointed to the Supreme Court have upheld an extreme level of moral ambivalency. Nixon was one of the biggest players of cynical political realism in global politics, sacrificing the lives of many innocents in his strategy of political realism.

When your leaders lack morality or conscience, your nation will suffer. I’m afraid that Carter was just the result of Nixon.

I could go on about Nixon, but I’ll just say this: Carter was (and is) a fool, but Nixon was evil. It is true that there may be something far less benign behind Carter’s facade of ‘moral purity’, but I still believe that Carter was a ‘balancing of accounts’.

Thanks Tedders for your points and reminding me to mention a few things about Nixon vis a vis Carter.  

4 thoughts on “Balancing Accounts

  1. Balancing act or one cycle of pendulum motion? Even after Tricky Dick (cynical, paranoid, willing to break the law) and all the points you brought up about his leadership he didn’t harm the United States on the world arena the way Carter did, Carter was so incompetent on so many levels that after only one term the Democrats were out of power for the next 12 years. While I’m no huge fan of the former Clinton administration, he was closer to centrist than any of the recent democratic candidates. We are still living the nightmare created by the peanut farmer, every utterance he makes on the middle east emboldens terrorists and ultimately puts our armed forces in harms way, at least he’s consistent, that’s the only thing I can praise him on.

  2. I happened to be in the States when Carter decided to run for the presidency and I watched his first speech on the TV. My late husband and I were all enthused about his candidacy and came back to Israel and told our friends that “at last we’ll be able to vote for a President of the US who is friendly and sympathetic to the Jews”.

    How wrong we turned out to be. Actually, I think, he is as evil as Nixon. Just as he admitted “lusting in his heart” (do you remember that little performance of his?) – I think that he always hated the Jews – in his heart. It’s only now that he is no longer President that all the venom is coming out – truth will always out.

  3. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii honey…i’m back…just read some of your posts…you are good my dear very very good…and mazal tov on the job…still sick but getting better…rewriting emma…well i will when i get up out of bed…and had to cut my blog to fridays…i miss you…talk to you soon…pls keep writing your blog is very very important…stay safe…loveyou, marallyn

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