The Pistachio Farmer

We started our story with Dr. Sick, but it continues with another interesting character: a pistachio farmer.

Ali-Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is pistachio farmer. I love pistachios, but I think that I like them a Little less now because Rafsanjani helped put us where we are.

Rafsanjani is a religious zealot that doesn’t see corruption as contradicting that zealotry. Here’s a clip from the article Mullahs vs. Mullahs (Part 1) by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi and Elio Bonazzi:

The 1979 revolution turned the Rafsanjanis from pistachio farmers into moguls. One Rafsanjani brother became the chief of Iran’s entire copper mining industry; another one annexed the state-run television. Meanwhile, a brother-in-law became the governor of their home province of Kerman, and one of the cousins became the head of the nearly half-a-billion-dollar a year pistachio business. Rafsanjani’s son and one of his nephews got the best possible jobs at the Iranian National Oil Company, while another son took charge of the entire Tehran metro construction project which is said to have cost close to a billion dollars. Conducting business through various non-profit organizations and front companies, the family is known to be running Iran’s biggest oil engineering company, a Daewoo automobile assembly plant and Iran’s private airline, among others. 

Enter yet another farmer to our story. This time, peanuts. 

When a certain peanut farmer from Georgia became president in 1977, Dr. Sick must have come to him, drawing parallels between pistachios and peanuts. I can well imagine Jimmy thinking of Rafsanjani as a kindred spirit, a man of the earth. Jimmy was the kind of guy that thought well of people like Rafsanjani.

We certainly know that Jimmy saw Khomeini as a ‘holy man’, and his ambassador to Iran praised Khomeini, referring to him as ‘Ghandi-like’.

Anyway, the peanut farmer from Georgia was a perfect student for the diseased foreign policy advocated by Dr. Sick.

(Whoops, we’re running out of time, so let me fast-forward.)

The Shah depended on US support to keep the Islamists at bay, but Carter’s ‘enlightened’ policies pulled the rug out from underneath him. The Shah didn’t have a chance. Carter pressured him to stop holding back the mullahs and let Khomeini return. The rest, as they say, is history.

The bottom line is that Khomeini could never have come to power without Carter’s support. Never.

Then Carter got a bit of his own back with the hostage crisis and the failed rescue attempt. Carter had egg on his face and fell from power.

However, with Reagan in power, and then Bush Sr., Iran had a problem. So, they worked up a plan to soft-peddle their Islamic revolution. They brought in ‘The Smiling Mullah’ Mohammad Khatami – while at the same time increasing the number death squads tasked with hunting down journalists and accelerating their nuclear program.

And, behind all of this was our pistachio farmer, Rafsanjani. And, to be fair, his plans seemed to work for a while. With his string pulling, Iran had an urbane, sophisticated face, while the country quietly slid deeper and deeper into the Islamic dark ages.

And then, they screwed up.

The economy went south, and Rafsanjani made some diplomatic blunders. The ‘pragmatic-conservatives’ lost their grip on power.  All of their hand-picked candidates lost power, and in their place they got Ahmadinejad.

But, maybe you don’t see the irony of it all.

The ‘Political Realists’ in the US State Department trusted Rafsanjani and the ‘smiling mullah’ to be pragmatic, to be careful about going too far. And they, in turn, assured us that they’d be careful

Then they played us for all that they could get.

What a bunch of suckers they were. (Political Realists generally, are.) 

And then all the reasonable realism and careful corruption fell apart. The Messianics swept into power, and their charismatic young leader Adolf Hi-, I mean, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took over.

The US State Department and the ‘pragmatic conservatives’ in Iran had been patting themselves on the back at how good they were at the clever game of political realism, and then the hotheads came to power and changed the game.

How ironic.

Everybody got just a Little too clever, and it all fell apart.

How very ironic.

Israel has paid a terrible price for the US State Department’s ‘Political Realism’, so it’s appropriate that they should face this ‘turnabout’. Except they won’t be facing it. You and I and our children will be the ones to face it.

And to think that it all started with a couple good ol’ farmers.

8 thoughts on “The Pistachio Farmer

  1. Why couldn’t it be pine nuts?

    He’s one Sick spear thrower

    How appropriate.

    Just how long is short to medium? :(

    Sound the alarm there is a certain someone missing from the audiance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tedders!!!!
    Actually, I was missing during Mr. Littles political agenda.

    Who would have thought pistacios are a billion dollar business?!?
    They are yummy…I wonder if organic pistacio seeds are more than one way.

    So, I still am confuzed…Is Dr. Sick Muslim?

  3. Lets seee…..Mr. Little has a political agenda????? Now i’m confuzed.

    I would have to say based on all i’ve read that Mr. Sick has his head so far up Muslim……that he qualifies as being radical Muslim.

    oh crap I shouldn’t be so harsh….

    and I am basing this soley on Mr. Littles fabulous writing over the course of a few days. This is what happens when your brain is fried and you trust a man explicitly. ~sigh~ it’s 3a.m. and I could write just about anything…..the grass is green, the sky is blue…..uh… dog has fleas….except…. I don’t own a dog. :)

    “Your Mom goes to college”

    Ha ha….that’s H’s and my favorite saying these days…LoL

    Hey all you 10,000 readers my second born is coming home…..YEEHAW!!!!


  4. Jimmy Carter is the worst and weakest President this country has ever known, he’ll go down in history as such. I could write volumes about his short comings but everybody already knows them. Has anyone here read “Daughter of Persia”?

    Hey, John, Anna and Sassy, I’ve been in Memphis for a couple of weeks toiling for legal tender. Now this Friday my wife and I are off to Paris and Prague for 10 days, she got these tickets 9 months ago at unbelievable prices when I wasn’t busy at all! That’s the way it always works, isn’t it?

    Just landed a DFW airport and I hit the ground running, be back in a couple of weeks, Best wishes to all!!

  5. Ok so I don’t feel sorry for him one bit do you???

    Paris and Prague.

    Take lots of pictures and splash in a fountain for me.

    Poor Jimmy should have stuck to peanuting.


  6. Yeah, I think he does have a political agenda. Can’t believe i didn’t mention it earlier.

    Actually,I’veonly passed through Memphis..only hadtime to drive by Elvis’s shrine…Rock ON!!! AND cross the Mississippi! that was fun. Would love to go back to the south…I had never seen cotton farms!!!
    AND I saw a dead alligator in the street..took a photo of that, too.

    Re: Presidents, I heard just today, GWBush will be considered the least liked president ever.
    Why would anyone want to go into politics??????
    Stay away from me D.C.
    Sad, how it has “evolved”.

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