Really Sick

I promised to go into how we’ve been bamboozled, so here I am.

Our tale starts with a guy with a really appropriate name: Gary.

For some reason Gary has a thing about Iranian mullahs. He can’t get enough of them. He serves on boards that support them. He has their ambassadors appointed as faculty to Columbia University. He even supports them when they want to overthrow the secular government of an ally.

Yep, he’s really into them.

Of course, if Gary had been just a nobody, it would have been a no-big-deal. Unfortunately, Gary has been (and still is) a very big deal – a big deal the size of the National Security Council. The kind of big deal that ‘helped’ presidents formulate foreign policy – the kind of foreign policy that overthrew the Shah of Iran for some wild-eyed Iranian mullah called Grand Ayatollah Sayid Ruhullah Musawi Khomeini.

Gary just loved this guy:


I’d always wondered why President Jimmy Carter was so against the Shah and for Khomeini. Carter couldn’t have been THAT stupid on his own. He needed help, and now I know where the help came from. It was good old Gary, on the National Security Council.

But, that was then, and this is now. You don’t want to hear about what Gary did for his pal Khomeini. You want to know what he’s up to now. 

Well look no further than our boy Ahmadinejad. If you want to know why Ahmadinejad came to Columbia University to speak, remember that Gary is an Adjunct Professor there, and head of the Gulf/2000 Project at Columbia. Ahmadinejad LOVES Gary, and Gary is pretty taken with Mr. Ahmadinejad.

Gary is that kind of guy.

And, when the Mullahs in Teheran wanted to peddle a new image to America in the 90s and 00s, who else would they turn to, but Gary? That’s right. Good old Gary.

The same guy who helped engineer their rise to power in the first place.

When Iran wanted to bamboozle the West into thinking that they were ‘kinder and gentler’, Gary was right there to sing a chorus of praise for the ‘enlightened’ dictators.

And, as the music played, the world forgot about the murders and the repressions and the terrorism. As Gary crooned Iranian lullabies into presidential ears, we all sorta forgot about Iran.

It’s all so sick.

Which is apt, because when I said that Gary’s name was appropriate, I didn’t mean that the name ‘Gary’ was appropriate. No, it’s his LAST name that was appropriate: Sick. Or, more fully: Dr. Gary Sick.

Dr. Gary Sick

I can’t think of a more appropriate last name for a guy who helped Iran be what it is today.

Because it’s Sick.

Really Sick.

1 thought on “Really Sick

  1. “Carter couldn’t have been THAT stupid on his own. He needed help,”
    No man is an ~*I*~ land:):)

    I have a question, though..I’m sure this man didn’t slip your radar.. Why are you focusing on him now, and what’s the big surprise?
    I’m confuzed.

    Yep, Sick as in sick as in messed up

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