A New Messianic Star

A new messianic star has risen in Iran.

His name is Saeed Jalili and he is the new head of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) and therefore the new head of Iran’s nuclear negotiation team. He replaces Ali Larijani, who resigned on October 20th.

I know what you are about to say, so I’ll say it for you: “Huh?”

I’d be as much in the dark as you are now, if it wasn’t for an interesting article (Iran’s New Nuclear Negotiator Has Messianic Ties) written by Meir Javedanfar, who is the head of Meepas and an analyst for PajamasMedia.  

Read the article, but let me give you the gist: this Saeed Jalili is bad news. Really bad news.

Here are couple pictures of the previous guy, Ali Larijani:

Ali Larijani Larijani
Ali Larijani

Here’s the new guy, Saeed Jalili:

Saeed Jalili
Saeed Jalili

Your first impression would be to trust the first guy, right? (Especially, when you compare him to the second guy.)

What if I told you that the collar of the second guy (Jalili) says a lot about him? What if I told you that, in a country like Iran, what you wear is a political statement? A VERY political statement? What if I told you that Jalili’s collar is an Islamo-fascist statement?

But, let’s think of a few more statements that Iran is making. The fact that they have moved from a European-looking negotiator to an obviously Iranian-looking negotiator says something. The fact that they have moved out a pragmatic-conservative and put a radical in his place says something.

I could point to a lot of other ‘somethings’, but I’ll cut to the chase. 

The appointment of Jalili marks yet another significant erosion of the power of the pragmatic conservatives in Iran and moves us one step farther along the road to apocalypse. 

In his article on Pajamas Media, Meir Javedanfar says this:

THE MOST worrying revelation about Jalili’s past appeared recently in the Iran Diplomacy Web site. This Teheran-based news agency, in an article titled “Dr Ali Leaves, Dr Saeed Enters” revealed that for most of his career at the Foreign Ministry, Jalili worked closely with Mojtaba Hashemi Samare, a leading messianic and a close ally of Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi, the most well-known and high-ranking messianic cleric in Iran.  

I probably don’t have to tell you that this Yazdi is bad news. Both Jalili and Ahmadinejad (the president) are in the Yazdi faction, and that’s really bad news. But the really, REALLY bad news is the fact that the Yazdi faction in Iran is gaining ever more and more power.

The light from these messianic stars should give you the shivers.