A Percentage of Really-ness

There seems to be a pattern that weaves its way through human history.

A certain percentage of people are really honest, a certain percentage are really dishonest, and certain percentage are really in between. A certain percentage are really good neighbors, a certain percentage are really bad neighbors, and a certain percentage are really in between. A certain percentage really love their kids, a certain percentage really hate their kids, and a certain percentage are really in between.

The same goes for countries and nations and states. A certain percentage are really good, a certain percentage are really bad, and a certain percentage are really in between. 


Within a certain cultural context*, these percentages don’t really seem to change much. Of course, if you think about it, it shouldn’t surprise you. People living a thousand years ago were just like us – except without much in the way of technology.  We are just like them, but with better tools.

Unfortunately, those tools are playing a serious role in the progression of modern history. Those who are really evil seem to be gaining more and more proficiency with more and more powerful tools – more and more quickly than their opponents. The really evil like Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Kim Jung Il, Franco, and many others have been able to use technology to overpower the really good and capture the cooperation of the really in between. And, the really evil of today?  …well, they’ve become even greater masters at channeling the power of technology to achieve their aims.

Take Ahmadinejad**. He and his country have mastered the use of technology to neutralize the efforts of the really good and confuse the minds of the really in between. The Iranians have played a fabulous game of brinksmanship with the UN and the EU, while using the media to counteract the US in her attempts to rally the really in betweens (such as, the UN and the EU). 

…which means that the really in betweens have satisfied
themselves with running around and bleating in confusion.

I don’t think that I need to convince you that this is really bad. 

Eventually, the madman from Teheran will have the use of yet another modern tool, nuclear weapons. Then the really good and the really in between will be really in trouble.



* The rules of what is good and bad in society change over time, for both good and bad reasons. There will always be those on either end of the spectrum who struggle for the attention and devotion of the middle. Unfortunately, I see that there are those who have succeeded in changing the rules of society. There doesn’t seem to be much of a cultural context to bolster society’s rules of right and wrong. Right and wrong have become issues of expediency.


1 thought on “A Percentage of Really-ness

  1. John,

    Very well written and right on target. In the simple logic of Mr. Miagi “you do karate yes or you do karate no. You do karate so so… you get squashed like a grape”.

    The in betweens have the potential to squash us all like grapes. Which way will they go??? How powerful is the media that will shape their opinions???

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