Zechariah Was A Bullfrog

Rumors are circulating that Israeli politicians are trying to do deals on Jerusalem – as in, give away parts of the Old City (Ir Attiqa), in addition to most (if not all) of East Jerusalem.

I would love to say that this is just rumor. No, I don’t have insiders whispering in my ear. I don’t need them, and you wouldn’t either, if you’d spent more than 20 years watching Israeli politicians deal with the issue of Jerusalem.

Believe it or not, but there are quite a few politicians that wish that Motta Gur had never captured the place. If General Gur had just stopped at the city gates and thrown a cordon sanitaire around the walls, they would have been happy.

I understand that.

There was this guy who lived 2500 years ago who said that Jerusalem would be a stone of burden – ehven ma’ahmassa (אֶבֶן מַעֲמָסָה). Jerusalem was going to be this heavy place that you just couldn’t handle, and if you handled it, you were going to drop it on something that you wanted to keep – like, say, toes.

If you had it, there would be people who wanted to take it away from you. If you didn’t have it, you’d want to take it away from whoever had it. And, if you wanted to use it, you’d better count your appendages afterwards – you’ll be missing some.

Zechariah said that whoever messed with Jerusalem was going to get messed with. And, for the last 2500 years, he’s been right. So, you can forgive some Israeli politicians when they say, “We’ve had it. You can have it.”

The problem is that every time that Israel has wanted to give it away, disaster struck. There was the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Rabin was assassinated in 1995. Ehud Barak sparked off the second intifada in 2000. (And a whole lot more that I can’t be bothered to double verify.) Every time Israeli politicians have tried to give Jerusalem away, something bad happened. 

So, let’s hope that Olmert puts up a ‘Not For Sale’ sign, or there will be a new sign floating over his government: Under New Management.

And then we’d all sing, “Zechariah was a…”

22 thoughts on “Zechariah Was A Bullfrog

  1. Hi John Dear,

    I too was beginning to wonder about you. I thought this handy dandy blog was about everything Israel. So glad you read my mind. How do you do that again?

    Hang on a sec I gotta go to the roof top……..

    I LUV this guy, ya hear me everybody I LUV THIS GUY!!!!

    Ok, i’m climbing back down now….

    Thank you and have a nice day


  2. Jerremiah was a bullfrog
    and a very good friend of mine

    Joyyyy…to the world
    Alllll the boys an girrls, now
    Joy to the people of the deep blue sea
    to u and me…

    C’mon now,
    sing it Y’all!!

    Joyyyyyyy to the world…

  3. Halleluia Jesus!!
    Joyyy to the world
    Thank you Jesus!
    All the people of the world, now
    Jesus’s Love!
    Joy to the people of the deep blue sea
    Thank you JESUS!
    Joy to you and me..
    Jesus of Nazarath, thank you for this day and these wonderfull
    people reading this blog

  4. In spite of my parents efforts to forbid us girls from listening to these vile songs I believe it goes something like this…..

    If I were the king of the world i’ll tell you what I’d do….I’d get my license to trade billion dollar stock options and make sweet love to you!

    Is that right????

  5. OK you guys I have an emergancy situation here……

    Does anyone of the 10s of thousands of people out there know how to balance scientific equations from the periodic table of elements?

    I AM SERIOUS THIS IS NO JOKE…..H has homework to finish.

  6. H needs assistance with her homework and there is no one online to lend a helping brain. What kind of people read this blog anyway?

    All I can say is thank God for the net and chemical portals that give calculaters for this kind of stuff.

  7. Anna,

    I cant imagine what has made you so happy.

    This throws up a huge red flag!

    Have a good nights rest sweetie!

  8. red flag for what?
    Don’t you mean a white flag?
    I was just trying to bring the southern baptist gospel feel to the blog.
    You don’t have to get all criticism
    would you prefer a Spanish Vibe? I’ll call myself AnnaMaria?
    Or a Catholic vibe? Margaret Mary Anna?

  9. I don’t ever recall singing, “Three Dog Night” at church in my Southern Baptist upbringing!! : )

    “Amazing Grace” was about as contemporary a song as I can recall!

  10. Hey Tedders!

    You sang Amazing Grace in church?


    Where I was growing up, singing ‘Amazing Grace’ in church was dangerously liberal.

    Avant-garde, even!

    – John

  11. I think the parentals thought we would go to hell if we listened to secular music.

    What about the Old Rugged Cross or Beaulah Land????

    Me thinks we have some Southern Baptist haters on here. LoL

    It’s not about the denomination and ya’ll know it.

    Anna, sorry if you feel criticism thru my words. It really is a shame that the true voice cannot be heard I was just kidding around with the whole charasmatic thang. Maybe someone can’t take a little ribbing. I apologize for hurting Anna’s feelings. Kiss Kiss Anna. I heart you!

    WoW John if you couldn’t sing Amazing Grace than what did ya’ll sing?

    It’s tough being raised where Grace didn’t exist.


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