Yes Virginia, There Really IS a Hell To Pay

There are days when I really just don’t feel like being fair. It’s so much easier to sling sticky mud and spread tarnish over reputations. Pointing out some of the better qualities of your victims is just… well, it’s not nearly as satisfying as watching a beautifully thrown bit of criticism arch into the sky and make a perfect three point hit on the object of your ire.


But, there’s this integrity thing that I keep yammering about, which means that I need to have some if I’m going to accuse others of not having any. I’m saying all this because Anna raised a relevant point in her comment to my latest post.

It is true that sometimes a media person can’t say what she knows. Sometimes a woman is forced to hold back information that she think is vital because the guy (and it’s always a guy) that signs her check holds her back. If she says or writes ‘the wrong thing’ her story will get spiked and will never see the light of day. And, if her stories get spiked too often, she gets fired, or she doesn’t get paid.

And, if she doesn’t get paid, she doesn’t eat.

I know how that feels, ‘cuz I’ve been there. When writers get into the writing business, we do it for love, and we do it for fun. However, there comes that moment when we realize that we’re now in it for the money.


You start asking yourself where the line is and how far over that line you can go before you compromise yourself. And, even the strongest of us will stray over that line in moments of weakness. And then we stray over it again. And again.

Each time is easier than the time before.

Then you wake up one day with a career that is rocketing skyward, but with a soul in terrible distress. You find your services in demand everywhere, but you struggle to see the difference between you and the local streetwalker you pass by on the way home in the evening.

And, the media moguls of this world love the moldable streetwalkers in their industry. They hire them. They promote them. They encourage everyone to be like them. They create them everywhere they can.

Is Christiane Amanpour one of these ‘moldable streetwalkers’? It’s hard to say. She answers for her own soul, not me. However, I cannot believe that she’s gotten to her current place in her career without making some terrible compromises. She’s still responsible for what she says, or doesn’t say. CNN is also responsible.

They need to stop looking to their pocketbooks and their expanding bottom line when they choose what (or what not) to say. The world is a mess and the Amanpours and CNNs of this world have a responsibility to make sure that we all know how we got here, and how we are going to get out of it. 

One day, as mushroom clouds will rise over our cities, Christiane Amanpour and CNN will ask themselves whether they could have done more to avert the cataclysm. And we will ask ourselves if we could have done more to pay attention. Because, if we don’t… well, I can only say that… 

Yes, Virginia, there really IS a Hell to pay.

4 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There Really IS a Hell To Pay

  1. I usually feel sorry for people w/out any care about ethics.
    ( I don’t think I’ve ever seen this lady, other than in brief reports, so
    this is more of a generalized thought.)
    They seem to be creating their own inner living Hell on Earth
    Hey, you could put a link to that other article you wrote..
    It was called “Greed” or something.
    Yep, bottom line…we’all answer to GOD in the end.

  2. Amanpour is not a rank amateur. She doesn’t get a break. She doesn’t have the limitations of a rookie. She made her own bed.

  3. Hey Jack!

    Of course, you are right.

    And no, she shouldn’t get a break.

    And, she HAS made her own bed.

    But, the first step in dealing with the Amanpours of this world is to understand how they got there.

    Good comment!

    – John

  4. But
    there really isn’t a Santa Claus
    no joke, really
    HOWEVER, reindeers are out there..herbavoric darlings..

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