A Terrible Disservice

I don’t watch TV.

I’m not necessarily against it, but the information content is so low that it just doesn’t make any sense to spend the time. And, the shows that are supposed to be entertaining… well, so many of them aren’t that I don’t bother.

So, I don’t watch TV.

However, I made an exception this past Saturday.

I was doing something pretty mindless and had a few brain cells left for a television program. So, I turned on CNN. They had something mildly interesting on, the Lou Dobbs show. Then, at 4 p.m. they broadcast a special report on Ahmadinejad by Christiane Amanpour. The report was appropriately titled Soldier of God. To the uninitiated, the program would have been excellent. And, as a general intro to the leader of Iran, it was pretty good.

However, the most interesting bit of information was the fact that Ms. Amanpour left out the most important details about Ahmadinejad. She didn’t say anything about his involvement in the special units of the Revolutionary Guard, or the fact that he is one of the founders of the Quds Force. Nothing was said of his involvement in the assault on the US Embassy on Nov. 4, 1979. Nor was there anything said of his direct involvement with the hostages, or how he strenuously advocated executing them. Nothing was said about how he claims to be meeting with the Mahdi.

Then there was the stuff that WAS said. She did mention the death threats against the US and Israel, but it was a limp presentation. The nuclear weapons program was mentioned, but it was a limp presentation. Mention was made to Iran’s involvement in terrorism in Iraq, but it was a limp presentation.

Ahmadinejad is in front, second from the right, and
holding the left arm of the blind-folded hostage.

Those who watched the CNN presentation would hardly have come away with even a vague sense of unease. They would not have felt threatened. They would not have felt any sense of urgency.

Whether or not they were deliberately underplaying the Iranian threat is hard to know. They could have been concerned about their ‘journalistic integrity’ and didn’t want to whip up a furor. They could have felt that the program was best targeted to the lowest common denominator. They could have felt that the average American was ill equiped to grasp the implications. Who knows?

However, I do know this. Christiane Amanpour is Iranian. She KNOWS who Ahmadinejad is, and she KNOWS his true background. She KNOWS what is going on in Iran, and she KNOWS how real the threat is.

Not saying what she KNOWS is doing us a terrible disservice. 

7 thoughts on “A Terrible Disservice

  1. Why do you even bother to buy cable if you don’t watch TV?
    My roommate pays the cable, so it is HGTV, Food Channel…
    I swear to you if you give me three pieces of junk, I could create some home decor.
    I would like to watch CNN more. Lou Dobbs is funny:)
    Iron Chef is fun, though:):) So is Emeril:)
    Do you think her series would be available on video rentals?

  2. You know what would be a good idea?
    Cable at the Library.
    They could select various programs and write up a schedule..take requests…make people pay a buck or so…I know tons of people who have cable for only a few programs.

    bet the cable companies would back that?:)

  3. Hi John,

    Thanks for the well wishes. I’d like to clarify one thing, I am just a contributor to The Muqata. Jameel is the head wafflemaster.

  4. Yummmmeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Pancakes are my fav., though….and with butter
    Maple Syrup…now, that takes a connoisseur
    Kinda like peanut butter…you eat so much of it, you develop
    a certain educated palate….

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