Bigotry of ANY kind makes me upset. If you believe that you are better than ANY human being, you are a bigot.

I know that this sounds like a pretty harsh rule, and it is – partly because it’s a rule that accuses us all. We are all, in some way, bigots. 

There is something inside of us that wants to say that we have more value than the person next to us. I don’t know how to describe that something in any other way than that it is evil.

Oh, we try to dress it up. We disguise it with words that illustrate our great benevolence. We even join organizations that espouse causes that fight against bigotry. Why, we are bigoted against the bigots.

It is such an incredible curse, that we will even jeopardize our survival to protect our bigotry.


You are probably wondering why I am so riled up about this subject. It’s not news to anyone, and you’ve come here to read about Israel and global security.

Well, I wasn’t going write about this, this morning. I was actually going to play out a scenario to help y’all understand a thing or two about one thing, or another. However, as I prepared to play out my scenario, I realized that I just couldn’t shut up about something that I’d seen and heard last night.

PBS is doing a series on World War II, and they are doing an incredibly good job of describing the war and the personal impact that war had on America. I haven’t been watching all of it, and I couldn’t even see the whole show last night. But, I saw enough.

African American men and women served our country and even sacrificed their lives for us, and we had nothing but contempt for that sacrifice. We segregated them, and gave them white officers. We sent them out to build our ships, but we never allowed them to be more than assistants and apprentices.

Even when we were desperate for people to step in and perform duties that were vital to the survival of our country, we chose the least able over that of an African American. And, if an African American should point this out, we beat him up – or worse, her up.

We put our own survival on the line because we did not want an African American to have a place of honor. Can you believe that?

And, what makes me even MORE upset is that the worst examples come from the ‘bible belt’. ‘Christians’ of every stripe participated and tacitly supported this bigotry. They denied voting rights. They denied jobs. They denied even spiritual life.

Before you shake your head and say that John has bought into a load of… propaganda, I should tell you that I have seen this for myself. I have personally seen men and women say and do what they never should have done, or said.

I wouldn’t be so upset now at what I saw last night, if I had not seen the spirit of bigotry alive and well in our hearts.

We have much to answer for.

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  1. Great to see you back in action John. I lived in the “bible belt” for a few years and it was surprising to see that bigotry is still alive and well in America. However, its not just an American problem… North and South Korea, Christians, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Islam, Even within the black community. Light skin, dark skin. I believe that is just a part of our sinful nature. Some consider it punishment from God that we will always be at war with one another with bigotry being the “fuel” that drives the war machine.

    It reminds me of the Star Trek episode where there was a race of people that were half black and half white. They were killing each other and had been at war for years because some had black on the left side of their bodies while others were black on the right side. In the end their planet was threatened with extension. Only then did they unite. Of course Capt Kirk still got the girl…

  2. Arch,

    You are SO right. And, I DO remember the Star Trek episode that you are talking about – which of course, means that…

    You are SOOO old, man!

    And yes, it’s true that it’s not just an American problem. However, we claim to be on the side of the angels and that we are the example by which others should live.

    Which brings me to ANOTHER thing that frosts my gizzard…

  3. As a woman, I’ve worked in the industrial/construction industry.
    My only friend was a black male.
    He helped me come to work everyday, and not believe that all people are Evil.
    I didn’t think of it as a rule, and i didn’t even realise it.
    The thought didn’t even cross my mind that he was Black…
    he was my only friend

  4. oy…i don’t think that i am a bigot…however i have been taught to hate…sigh…chag sameach honey…i am planning to be in the states for a month around january…wanna meet for coffee??? hmmmm wonder if we can work something out…i miss you

  5. “It reminds me of the Star Trek episode where there was a race of people that were half black and half white. ”

    Classic Star Trek. Do you remember the actor who the black on the right side character? He played the Riddler in the Batman series, Frank Gorshin as the Riddler.

    Episode 70:
    A long-simmering racial hatred imperils the Enterprise when Kirk beams aboard a half-black, half-white fugitive… And his half-white, half-black pursuer. First aired January 10, 1969.

    Arch and I are both too old if we remember that episode! I was 8 when id first aired.

  6. I don’t think i’m a bigot. I embrace ALL men of every color.

    In fact I met a wonderful man who was of African descent and who was just about to get his Phd. I rubbed his arm in the hopes that some of that smart would rub off on me. His name is Earnest. Please pray he finds work.

    Get me in the middle of a group of unemployed people and im a regular riot. LoL
    Had them all laughing. It’s the best medicine you know.

    I was 3 when that Star Trek epi. was aired. I guess I got reruns. Capt. Kirk was a hottie back then, but I liked Spok’s ears and Scottie’s accent. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could actually beam up?

    We are definitely NOT old. At least i’m not.

    I use to have to be around people who used the “N” word. I am thankful i’m no longer around that. My daughter has to still endure it though but she doesn’t stand for it and tells them to stop.

    John is correct we are all bigots and Arch is right because we are constantly at battle with our flesh.

    Oh, we are so human. Thankfully we can conquer the flesh with practice, relying on God and following Christs example. However we will not attain perfection until…Class would anyone like to interject here?

    Like Anna stated none of us are perfect no not one.

  7. Fishing? Certainly, can my two boys come? They’re 9 and 10 and
    if they find out I went fishin without them!!! Big
    trouble for me!!!!

    I’m in Arlington, near Fort Worth, our church is
    Pantego Bible study. What part of the great state do
    you call home?

    You can’t be a real Yankee if you say things like,
    “fixin” and your not about to mend something! LOL

    I’ve always said that if you say “y’all” spontaneously
    without thinking about it, You’re a native Texan!
    Well? Do you pass the test?

    I’ve got a neighbor who is 15 years older than me originally from Louisiana. He’s really not a bad guy but he drops the N bomb all to often. He’s bald, short and fat and feels everyone in the world is below his station. it seems he has no notice of his own faults and goes out of his way to make up faults of others. If you don’t think, walk and talk like him………I have a hard time being around him, nothing but contempt for his fellow man and himself if the truth be known, it’s all too human as you say. God loves all his creatures, even the stupid ones.

    My beautiful wife is an AP English teacher in a local High School, times have changed for the better in the education system. Of course she teaches the cream of the cream of the crop. She says outright bigotry isn’t a noticeable problem but she thinks soft bigotry is just as bad. Having lower expectations, grading or just treating somebody more leniently because of their race or circumstances. It seems to me that affirmative action and racial quotas are just that. I’ve heard some black leaders complaining about Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s on going response to the Jena incident as being non productive. Those men should be the real leaders, not Sharpton and Jackson. On a different note, Juan Williams (the news reporter) has some of the same things to say about CNN and other news outlets, do a google on Juan and see if you can find his interview with (of all people, Bill O’Rielly) and see he is on the right track!

    I did a google on Bible belt and got a link from Wilkapedia, here it is:

    Whodathought! You’re right smack dab in the Bible “zone” Sassy!

  8. Arlington ye ole stompin ground. I had my second growth spirt in the Dallas area. Huh you still have to deal with Six Flags. They tore ours down here in Houston.

    I am in a Southern Baptist church but I didn’t know it until last year. I have been going here for 4 years. It’s where God led me plain and simple.

    Second Baptist

    He hasn’t led me to leave either. Recently I told someone that i’ll go if he leads me or if my hubby says it’s time to go. Don’t have a hubby and Gods not saying to go so here I am. It’s an awesome ministry that i’m blessed to be involved in.

    Oh man, I keep forgetting I don’t have a fishing license so I can’t go fishin. If I did of course everyone and their kids are welcome. Boys make it more fun because they don’t mind getting dirty and touching worms and fish. Thankfully my girls are tomboyish.

    I grew up fishing and so it’s in my blood.

    Your wife teaches AP English. Don’t let her read my stuff because I don’t pay much attention to puctuation or spelling when i’m on here.

    Guess i’ve been in Texas long enough to be considered a native. I’d leave in a heartbeat if the right situation came along.

    I haven’t been away long enough to know if i’d miss it. Don’t really think I would.

  9. All of the gloom and doom gets rather wearing don’t cha think?

    Here’s a fresh word from heaven spoken through Joyce Myers.

    “I’m forgiven, I’m annointed, I may not be where I need to be but im not where I use to be. IM ON MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “There’s always going to be a thorn in our flesh – something we can’t get a handle on…God allows some things consistantly in our lives to keep us pressing into HIM.”


    “We need to to stop thinking about everything that is wrong and start thanking God for what is right!”

    Start believing the word of God. We have hope. We can and ARE changing. He gives us His blessing.

  10. I agree with Arch..except for the Strar Trek whatever..

    We are taught in the Bible that women are supposed to be submissive to their *husbands* (and praise Jesus that is our choice).
    Well, that doesn’t mean every freaking man we know or work with?!?
    Who sings that song?

    “All the mommas rockin dollas,
    Through your hands up at me”

  11. Sorry, it’s “Destiny’s Child”
    “Girl I di’nt know u could git down like that,”
    “All the Honeys makin Money”
    “Throw your hands up at me”

  12. How on earth did we go from bigotry to being submissive to husbands. I don’t have a husband to be submissive to but when I do, well I believe there are fundamental guidlines found in scripture regarding his responsibilty to being the spiritual head of the house among other things…I do have church leadership to be submissive to though.

    The GM where I use to work called me racist on more than one occasion. I laughed. It was because I told the little hispanic girl to put on her latino and stand her ground. She agreed and we both had a fun time when that conversation occured. We needed to have fun during that time.

    I am so glad I suggested she be brought into the office to be trained to do more than just be a cleaning lady.

    She has potential if given proper training. I do hope she is getting it.

    I’m concerned for her.

  13. Every now and again I visit the wee town of Jasper, TX. On the outskirts of this wee town is another wee town but I can’t remember the name. This other Wee town has a tiny lil church where one of my friends attends when her and I visit her parents.

    The Pastor of this church is known to say that the Baptists will arrive in heaven first class and all others are secondary.

    I cringed. He’s as serious as a heart attack too.


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