Who Will Be Left Standing

The Doomsday piece that I wrote on Thursday night was one of the most difficult that I have ever written. It required a lot of research, which is what you would expect of a piece like that. But, the truly hardest part was the knowledge that this scenario was all too real.

When I finished, I was so depressed that I could hardly move. It was crushing.

For the first time in my life, two chapters in the bible became real. I had always been fascinated by apocalyptic prophecies, but they always had a certain unreal quality to them. They were always for another time and place – for other people than myself and those that I love. They were like great puzzles that were interesting and exciting, just begging you to solve them. They represented great secrets and even greater mystery.

So they would sit there, on the back shelf of my mind. And I would take them out every once in a while and see if another turn of that, or a push of this, would bring a solution. I would wonder at what it would be like to live and see prophecies like these – at how awesome it would be to see some army that would come from the north and go through all kinds of cataclysm. It was like something out of science fiction.

However, I never did truly understand the ramifications – until now. I never understood why Iran would want to attack Israel. I never understood how they would attack. But, most of all, I never understood how terrible all this would be.

That terribleness was the biggest missing piece, and I hadn’t been looking for that one. I don’t think that anyone would want to look for a piece like that.

I should point out here that the prophecies turn out well, in the end. Evil is defeated, and the good are triumphant – but not before a lot of people have died.

Now, I should be careful here to say that my ‘Doomsday’ scenario isn’t the only possibility, but it’s the most likely one. If I was the commander and chief of the Iranian armed forces, my ‘Doomsday’ scenario would be the one that I would choose. If I only had a limited number of nuclear weapons and wanted to make sure that my enemies were neutralized, then this is the way to go.

What makes this scenario so ominous is that the Iranians have been conducting tests to see if they have the capability. Two years ago, the Iranians started testing their most advanced missile, the Shahab 3, to see if they could detonate a warhead at an altitude of 100 kilometers, and there is only one reason why they would want to do that.

There is nothing worth destroying at 100km. There are no satellites. There are no aircraft. There are no bases. There are no armies or navies up there. There is no possible reason for detonation tests at 100 kilometers.

Unless you are preparing for an EMP strike against your enemies, and there are two that head Iran’s list of enemies: the US and Israel.

The next big question is whether Iran already has nuclear weapons. Russia’s nuclear weapons depots in the 1990s were as wide open as you could get. It wouldn’t have taken much for them to bribe their way in and run off with as many nuclear warheads as they could carry. In fact, I cannot imagine them doing anything else.

Iran wasn’t stupid during that time, and they had powerful enemies. Nuclear weapons would have done a lot to tip the balance of power in Iran’s favor. With that understanding, how could you possibly assume that they DON’T have nuclear weapons?

But, if that’s true, why are the Iranians making such a fuss over enriching Uranium? Is this a smokescreen? Are they trying to make us believe that they don’t have nukes right now? Or, are they being truthful when they say that their Uranium enrichment is for civilian purposes only?

The Iranians have always played a deep game, and we are all concerned about who will be left standing when it’s all over. 

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