Maybe (and Three Links from Tedders)

In the comment section of yesterday’s post, Tedders left three links that either shed more light on the subject of the Al Durah hoax, or offer you a way to correct history.

Nothing that we do will bring back to life those who were killed as a result of the Al Durah Hoax. The homes that were wrecked and lives that were lost will not become unwrecked and unlost. The families that emigrated to other countries to flee the destruction won’t return.

We may not even be able to bring the perpetrators of this hoax to justice. They may never suffer one day of lost sleep. They may never lose a paycheck or suffer demotion.

But, just maybe, as the revelation of this hoax unfolds, other media figures will learn something. Maybe, when the next hoax is foisted on an unsuspecting audience… Well, maybe someone will ask for a background check.

Maybe the next hoax will have less of a chance of succeeding like this one did. Maybe fewer women and children will lose husbands and fathers. Maybe there will be fewer parents who will have the awful responsibility of overseeing the burial of a son or daughter.



Here are the three links that Tedders posted yesterday:

Thanks Tedders! Keep up the good work. 

NOTE: If you search for articles on Al Durah, make sure that you also run a search without the last ‘h’, as in: ‘Al Dura’.

10 thoughts on “Maybe (and Three Links from Tedders)”

  1. In her article, Joanna Chandler also referred to the Mohamed Al Durah hoax as “The New Dreyfus Affair”. You see, this type of thing has happened before about 100 years ago when a Jewish Army captain ‘Dreyfus’ was falsely accused and condemned for treason. I t was an acclaimed journalist, Emile Zola who several years later stood up and exposed the lie. The difference then and now is that Zola’s notoriety made people stand up and take notice. January 13, 1898 he put his career and his life on the line. He had the peoples voice behind him, which won Dreyfus’ freedom. Philippe Karsenty has precious few backing him up. He’s virtually going it alone. Who is the Dreyfus in this case you ask, the Jewish people and the State of Israel.
    Unfortunately the damage has been done. This Hoax not only threatens Jews in Israel, but Jews all over the world.

    Actually though, if you think this hoax hasn’t had an affect on you as you sit there in comfy chair, remote in hand, protected by your white picketed fence suburb in America think again.

    Remember 9/11?

  2. The French are so outnumbered in there own country you really think they will revisit this issue? To many of their very own police have smashed skulls due to this hoax and others.

    sleepers of the world……WAKE UP!

  3. You know, sassy is a better word…but now, I’m crabby, since
    she got me thinking about all of the fuzzy, little caterpillars I see in the middle of the cement biking/walking trail.. saved 4 yesterday:):):):D

  4. Yes Anna we must take care of ALL of Gods creatures when we can. This includes caterpillars because they turn into ‘Gutter flies’ (my daughter Brittany’s word from when she was 2) and pretty cool looking moths.

    I am now into the amphibian rescueing business as now toads have joined the repetaur.

    Crazies? We have been worshiping the ‘Oven god’ over here the last TWO hours. There’s one drip that is cooked on and we can’t get it off. OH KNOW IT’S the END of the WORLD as WE KNOW IT!!!

    Ok, don’t get me wrong, we must take care of the new oven but the stress in the kitchen just isn’t worth the quarter sized drip.

    I point out in my infinite wisdom that using the self clean mode would cost to much and defeat the purpose of watching electricity consumption.
    I am an advocate for the self-cleaning feature but it is to be used in the cold months when it can serve a dual role and heat the house. :)

    If your thinking steel wool or oven cleaner THE BOOK that came with said oven says NOT to use this stuff.

    It’s NO WONDER my hair is falling out.

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  5. How about tree frogs?
    I’ve realized that the worms here, unless it is raining, usually don’t make it across the sidewalk..So, if necessary, I just use a stick..I’m not touchin those

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    You are still im my prayers, sassy:)

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  6. I think my job search is being sabatoged.

    Apparently around here mid October is the hiring time except that my most recent manager idiot was over run with customers, her shelves were a mess and Christmas stock will be overflowing any minute.

    She needed me right then and there.

    At any rate it was a decent calorie burn.

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    Took the joy right out of my ride.

    I am extra special careful on busy roads. Don’t wanna get hit by a car. Do cars have the right of way or do I?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm guess i’ll need to ride downtown and get a drivers hand book as a refresher.

    All those cars zooming by me as I make my way west down the I-10 feeder.

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