I have this new theory that being born in April confers added wisdom and intelligence. It’s either that, or being born in 1967. Or, maybe it’s both.

The source of this hypothesis is Joel C. Rosenberg; who, like me, was born in April of 1967.

Better yet, he says stuff that I say. In fact, he says it better than I do, which is a terrible blow to my self-esteem.

Worse, he isn’t a professional writer, yet he has managed to write five books, and have them published. AND, he’s made the New York Times best seller list. (I think that I’m going to be embarrassed.)

Four of those books, The Last Jihad, The Copper Scroll, the Ezekiel Option, and the Last Days, are fiction and were intended to be received as fiction. Yet, two of them have turned out to be amazingly prophetic. In The Last Jihad, he wrote about terrorists flying an airplane into a building – before the events of 9/11. He’s also predicted the chaos following the death of Arafat, the rise of a dictator like Ahmadinejad, and the rise of a more aggressive Russia.

What’s more, he never intended to be a prophet. He just wanted to tell a good story. But, by borrowing on his knowledge of the inner workings of power in Washington D.C. and his close contacts with leaders in Israel (both public and shadowy) he has spun an amazing set of tales. The scary part is that he has based those tales on his interpretation of prophecies about Israel in Ezekiel. (Ezekiel is a very scary prophet.)

Will he continue to be accurate?

But, it is his non-fiction book, Epicenter that is probably the most important. I have just started reading Epicenter, and it describes how Joel came to write these books and why they have been so accurate in predicting the future. He also goes on to analyze the Middle East, its relationship to the world, and yes, his views on Ezekiel.

(This is not the forum for discussing my views on Ezekiel, except to say that everybody should have one.*)

I’m only a couple chapters into the book, but already I can highly recommend it to everyone, regardless of your faith.

Now, I’m hoping that my theory of coincidental birth dates means that Joel’s ability will rub off on me. We’ll see.   


*If you want MY views on Ezekiel, you’ll hafta come to a class that I’m leading on Sunday nights - Prophecy and Current Events, starting in a week and a half.

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  1. Cool!! More books!
    My sister threatened to never help me move again if I didn’t burn
    some of my books in the fireplace:):) Third floor, no elevator, outdoorentrance 100 degree temps:):)

    I hope Carol teaches a class as well..I’ve learned a lot from her too.
    Don’t you guys go to the same church?
    And, I’m not even Baptist:):)Nope nope nope noway:):)
    My babies are getting baptised ASAP. In fact, I’d invite the priest or the minister to come help deliver the baby and have the party/celebration right then and there:):):):)
    Don’t you guys go to the same church?
    we have *real* wine at our church:)

  2. John,
    You are a talented writer! You just need to NOT be afraid of dreaming BIG! Don’t be overwhelmed when you see a mountain, just take one step at a time.

    Being baptised is a public, outward expression to God that you accept and believe in his son. It is not a “baby bath” of protection or a guaranteed ticket to heaven. There are no accounts in the bible of babies being baptised. Only adults as this is something that should be done once a person has reached an age where they can understand and accept Gods gift of salvation. See John 3:16. I grew up Roman Catholic and was baptised the same week I was born. A few years ago I recommitted my life to God and was baptised. It was awesome!!! If you haven’t experienced a “believers” baptism, I highly recommend it! You will be blessed by the experience.

    I too struggle with the “real” wine concept of Southern Baptists given the fact that the first recorded miracle of Jesus was the turning of water into wine at a wedding. Can you imagine how tasty that wine must have been! I myself don’t want to do something that would cause my brother or sister in Christ to stumble. I completly understand that the SBC dosen’t want to encourage alchol consumption as well either in our out of church.

  3. interesting! I just thought they interpreted wine as grape juice (which it is). I have more of a problem with communion being representational.

    My Daddy was Roman Catholic:) I love the cathedral here

    Well, I just don’t agree with you on baptism…so, there, you’ve gotten me to search my Bible and ask around:)
    There are usually a ton of family in the hospital waiting room anyway, why not give the mom a little break:)

  4. All in all, though,
    I think all we need to believe is *Jesus* is the Messiah.
    The rest all seem to be traditions and ways of worship.
    My Mom is Lutheran, and they wave their hands and sing modern songs..still church, just different ways of worship.

    So, Southern Baptist as in Gospel Music? I’ve always wanted to visit one of those when I was in Mississippi:)

  5. Do you know what I truly don’t understand?
    Since the Jews are the chosen people, the apple of God’s eye, do they
    not need to believe Jesus as the Messiah?
    I know I’ve opened a jar of worms, here, but I’ve alwyas wondered about that, and I don’t understand.

  6. I think you may be on to something there…my dad was born in April and he was the wisest man I’ve ever known.

    Thanks for the encouragement, not sure I’ll be up to scuba anytime soon. Baby steps or little strokes…


  7. No Anna, John and I do not attend the same church. We ARE the church. The CHURCH is built on the ROCK, and that ROCK is Christ, the Anointed One. Any true believer in Yeshua, is THE church for which Christ Jesus is the Chief cornerstone and foundation. Being of one denomination or another does not make one a Christian, any more than standing in a garage makes one a car. It’s not about being a Baptist, or a Catholic, or a Presbyterian, or Methodist, or Buddhist, or Pentecostal, or Scientologist, or Rosicrusionist,
    or Mormonism, or Jehovah’s Witness, or Hinduism, or Armstrongism, Spiritualism, Adventist or ANY “RELIGION”. You are quite right. It’s ALL about believing in, and knowing that Yeshua HaMashiach is THE Messiah, our Lord and Savior. If you believe the Bible is God’s Word, then you will see that no “religion or denomination” is mentioned as a way to heaven. There is only one door, and that is Jesus.

    I will have to agree with Arch about baptism. Baptism follows believing in Jesus and repentence. Acts 8:37 shows us that baptism comes after believing in Jesus. Acts 2:38 tells us to “repent and (then) be baptized”. Acts 8:12 tells us both “men and women” were baptized, but never mentions babies or small children. Scripture tells us that babies or little children are welcome to come to Jesus, and that they are not accountable for sin until they are at an age of understanding of what sin is. The act of baptism is symbolic of being cleansed from sin, of being washed clean. It is symbolic of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.
    When we are baptized, it symbolizes the death of our old sinful self, burying that sinful person you used to be, and being resurrected as a newly re-born creation in Christ Jesus. Baptism is also the first “act of obedience” of a born-again believer. When Jesus was baptized, scripture says He “came straight up out of the water” (Acts 8:38 & 39). Then the Holy Spirit decended upon him in the form of a dove, and God said “this is My Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased”. This demonstrates Jesus’ obedience which was pleasingt to the Father, and it also demonstrates that one is “submerged” (as in being buried) rather than sprinkled. (Get your scuba gear ready Sylvia).

    Since babies have never sinned and have no need to repent, and are too young to believe, what is the point of sprinkling?
    I am concerned that this practice may give some a false sense of security. It is important to search for truth in the scriptures and be certain of what we believe, why we believe it and whether it lines up with God’s Word.

    To answer your question. Yes, I have been known to teach now and then. We also drink *real* wine. God is not double-minded. If drinking wine were a sin in God’s eyes, Jesus would not have turned the water into wine, thereby causing men to stumble. God doesn’t set people up just to watch them fall. Nor would God have said “a little wine is good for the stomach’s sake” if it was wrong to drink it. There is NO scripture that says drinking alcohol is a “sin”. What it says is “wine is a mocker. Strong drink is raging. Whosoever is DECEIVED by it IS NOT WISE”. He also says to “do EVERYTHING in moderation”.

    Okay, John, Okay!! I’m done.

  8. Oh, I forgot to mention Joel C. Rosenberg’s books! (This is the guy I told you about, John, and sent you the video clip…that you asked me to give you an over-view of because you didn’t have time to watch it).
    Okay, so, you’ve read his material, and now you know why I sent you the clip!! He is an incredible writer! I have a couple of his books also. I recommend people read all of them, especially if they want to know what’s going on in the world and what’s coming in the near future. He is quite prophetic in his writing. If you get a chance to hear him speak in person, do it!

  9. Hi Everyone,

    I just want to add a cautionary note here. This blog is starting to get 10,000 hits a month on a regular basis, which means that I am grateful to you all for your support.

    However, it also means that a much more diverse audience is tapping into the site.

    All different kinds of Jews and Christians, and even pagans, are reading this web page, so please make sure to keep theological debate at a low key.

    I think that we all want people of different faiths to feel welcome to participate in our discussions – if for no other reason than to demonstrate how nice y’all are.

    And, thanks again for your support. I really, really appreciate it. Y’all are a great bunch of people.

    – John

  10. Hey John,
    As far as I know you and your fabolouse blog I really believe that you got a “kiss of the muse” too! Just read your own stuff! You are a great writer, don’t let someone (including yourself) tell you anything else!

  11. 10,000 hits a month

    That’s great! You’ve got an important task John.

    And I have to ask.

    “Y’all are a great bunch of people.”

    Are you in the south?

  12. No Joke?
    Well, why aren’t they writing?
    Are you censoring them?
    Wow…that is waayyyyy more hits than I expected.
    I thought you had less than 10 readers:)

  13. Hi Tedders,

    I’m actually in Indiana, which can straddle the line between north and south.

    To Everyone,

    On another note, please be careful when commenting about another person. Negative comments should be polite and directed at a person’s words, not themselves.

    Any negative comments directly critical of another person will be censored. Each and every one of you is a valuable person and should be sincerely appreciated.

    Thou shalt be nice, saith the webmaster, or he shall smite thee with his mouse!

    – John

  14. I took it as gentle ribbing between two friends, I like both of them. I hope nobody got the wrong idea or thought there was any truth to any of it!!
    : )

  15. Hey, SP…
    I had a jobinterview today..a *good* one by miracle; or the grace of Jesus answering ten zillion prayers..

    But if not we can get a job a what-aburger?
    Frankly, I prefer Church’s Chicken…mmmmmmmm rice.
    Actually, those kinds of jobs (not necessarily foodservice) but I’ve had a lot of min wage jobs…they can be fun with the right people:)
    Goof off…get paid…goof off

  16. i’m not saying pple who get paid min wage only goof off…
    but when you work Christmas?! Things get really funny:):):)

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