A Genocidal Answer

Magda raised an interesting question. How can Israel oppose Russian interests?

The answer is that she doesn’t. Not directly.

It’s that ‘not directly’ part that’s the problem. You see, Russia wants to rebuild a power base. It can’t have its old power base, ‘cuz Europe has most of it. So, it needs to look elsewhere for client states.

Unfortunately, the only client states that are free at the moment are in the Middle East, Central Asia, and Africa.

The African states are a bit far away, and the Chinese are nosing around in the area. (Having said that, Russia would be more than willing to consider any ‘good deals’ that come along. Zimbabwe is cheap at the moment.)

They already have most of Central Asia, and would be willing to add more, if the price was right. Unfortunately, Afghanistan is always a mess, and Pakistan always teeters on the brink of being a mess.

That pretty much leaves the Middle East. But… they’ve had some mixed results in the past with the Arabs, so they will probably want a ‘go slow’ approach here. Also, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, and the Gulf States have fled into the arms of the US. That will make them want to go even slower – for now.

However, there’s Iran and Turkey. Iran hates the US and Israel and is desperate for technological aid, and that makes them a perfect ally. Unfortunately, Iran comes with this messy messianic prophecy that tells them to destroy Israel. But, if you are Russia and want an ally to your south; well, sometimes you hafta support a bit genocide to get there.

Turkey is also interesting. They are slowly sliding into Islamism and that is scaring the EU. Since a scared EU will probably reject Turkey (for inclusion into the EU), Russia is undoubtedly preparing to offer sympathy and ‘coo-ing noises’ when Turkey is finally rebuffed.

So, while Israel does not pose any threat to Russian interests, her destruction is a vital bargaining chip.

Of course, there’s more.

I hate to say this, but the US looks like it is going to lose the battle for democracy in Iraq. I could go into an in-depth strategic analysis of why; but for now, it doesn’t look good. 

When/if the US leaves Iraq, there will be a power vacuum that Iran will rush to fill. And, if there is a Democrat in the White House… well, Democrats have a history of drawing down military assets abroad. This means that the US will have a diminished presence in the Persian Gulf.

It also means that the US will be unable to oppose Russian involvement in the region.

However, there is this Little country called Israel that has been a thorn in the flesh for far too long, and they have had a tradition of opposing Russia. However, there’s nothing like a bit of genocide when dealing with a problem like that.

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  1. Cuba
    which is actually quite sad with such biodiversity and cultural diversity
    in south america.
    Why are we stuck with Mexico and Canada? Rock on Europe…we should have had Antarctica.
    i have no clue, though..history isn’t my thing*obviously*…unless it is in the movies (hence the reason I am messing up the learning curve, here:)

    only a true rose has thorns
    G-D comfort Israel and her people during these times

  2. Homicide is murder of a single human being. Genocide is the mass murder of an entire race or group. It is interesting to me that people who are appalled at homicide sanction it when it involves an entire group of people and becomes genocide.

  3. Israel is just one reason why we won’t be out of Iraq for ten or fifteen years, maybe twenty. We’re still in Europe and Japan 60+ years after WWII, what’s the big deal? If the Dhimmicrats take charge of the White house in ’08 you can count on the erasing of any good that’s been done in Iraq and Afghanistan for that matter. Iraq will and can be democratic but it won’t happen over night. Give it a chance to work. Everybody screams about the cost so far. The real cost is when we abandon the region to the likes of perverts like the Mullah’s of Iran and the Taliban. The fight for freedom and right has never been easy, militarily we have won 100% and then some. The battle of Falluja(sp?) was a text book display on how to defeat an entrenched enemy in an urban setting. Do you remember the wails of the enemy? This will be the US’s Stalingrad, we will kill all the Americans, the Russians and some of our Allies where ready to watch us bloody our noses. Then what happened? In the first 30 minutes of the operation every insurgent command center and main storage depot was destroyed. With no communications, weapons to pull out of storage, transportation to move fighters with it was, to say the least, a huge failure for the insurgents. They fell like flies, dead foreign fighters every direction you could see. The entire world took notice, Russia was surprised to to point of being silent about the US success. The misinformation that our military has failed is simply liberal propaganda. The US military has advanced the art of warfare to a degree never seen on this earth. The entire world has to play catch up at this point.
    To exit Iraq would be now would be a mistake of historic proportion. Not to mention a blood bath of innocents that would make the Cambodian killing fields look like a stroll through the park. The likes of Hillary or Obama dolling out their opinions on what should be America’s course at this point is beyond laughable for me. Iraq has the right to freedom and we have the power to help them, the question is, do we have the will power to help them defeat radical insurgents.

  4. Welcome to the group Barbara!


    I understand your point, and I also agree with all of it. Unfortunately, US supply lines are stretched and current force requirements are becoming a problem.

    Conversely, insurgents have very short lines of supply and an unlimited cadre of replacement personnel. AND, their technical expertise and the quality of their training are increasing.

    Also, the political environment on the ground is a shambles with corrupt special interest groups feuding over the corpse of the Iraqi state.

    And, let’s not forget that we are approaching a Presidential election year with the possibility of a candidate being elected on a platform of ‘bring our boys and girls home’.

    All of this taken together is ominous.

    – John

    PS. And yes, withdrawing from Iraq would be a disaster.

  5. Ok, since my head is about to explode due to the fact that I thought i’d be synchronizing 4 outlook calanders and I needed some special server to do it, which Praise the Lord WE HAVE!!!! Uhm, i’ll keep this short.

    Apperantly in Fallujah our military used white phosphorus ammo on a bunch, approx.. 6000 Sunni folks.

    White Phosphorus does horrendous damage to the human body. There are some pics NOT for the faint of heart online if you want to see.

    I am all for stopping terrorism and so if our boys & girls are over there fighting the good fight then i’m gonna support them no matter what!

    I will also support the politicians in office who are trying as best they can, with the help of their staff and the hinderance of the liberals to make the best decisions possible while our military is over there.

    It’s a good thing i’m not making any decisions about ammo…

    Ok, if you oppose how these battles were fought than what are they suppose to do, ask Mr. Sunni guy or girl which school of thought they follow (because there are four) and then shoot em?

    Call me nieve but isn’t WAR HELL? It’s WAR! Innocent people die along with the bad guys.

    It’s survival of the fittest baby….You do what ya gotta do to stay alive and beat the bad guys.

    I’m at war with a cisco phone for crying out loud…..dont even get me started on Russia..

    I’m going to bed

    Night night…don’t let the bedbugs bite….:)

  6. Whoops, sorry bout that…I just read this article, not Johns, well I read his but I had read another one…oh anyways it infuriated me to no end. It was about Falluja. guess I don’t need to be writing when i’m tired.

    John why is everyone concerned about your personal life and who are they to judge? Last time I checked it was Christ who died on the cross and now he’s up in heaven and God is still the judge and for those who are saved the Holy Spirit prods the heart.

  7. No judgement here…………
    ***tune**I want to set up SP with JL….**tune***
    I don,t know how to play the tune, but you get it

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