Like Something Straight Out of the Bible

I remember the Cold War – a war that was all about defeating Communism wherever it existed. There were books printed that said things like, “You can trust a Communist to be a Communist”. And, we bought the books and heard the speeches, waved the flag and utterly missed the point.

The point should never have been about political ideology, but about the character of the people brandishing the ideology. In our rush to defeat Communism, we forgot that the Russians have always been makers-of-empire. Always.

There has never been a point in their history when they weren’t imperialist. It started with Moscow 600 years ago, and it continues with Moscow today. The bloody-handed collaborators of the Mongols, that threw off the Mongols in the 1400s, became the bloody-handed rulers that subjugated and destroyed those around them.

Think of what it would have been like if the Swedes had been successful in their invasion of Russia in 1240. The Mongols would have been driven back, and the brutal Muscovite culture would not have dominated Russia. 

I could go on ad nauseum from here, but I’ll spare you. The point is that you can trust Russians to be Russian, just as you can trust the English to be English and the French to be annoying.

What bothers me is that the defeat of Communism may have ushered in something worse. We very well may have traded a Stalin for a Hitler, but without Hitler’s insanity. Stalin was a murderous, lecherous drunk who shot his most talented military officers. Hitler was an efficient, murderous psychopath that eventually crumbled under the weight of his insanity.

Putin is neither the lecherous drunk that Stalin was, nor the insane psychopath like Hitler. He may turn out to be worse, an efficient, self-controlled imperialist building an efficient, self-controlled empire.

And that efficient, self-controlled empire will be pointed at a place that you and I care deeply about. Russians who seek to reclaim Russian greatness have only one direction to go, and that is south, into the Middle East. They will make common cause with Iran, Turkey, and the Central Asian Republics. They will work with the Islamic Africans and the Islamic South and Southeast Asians. They will do deals with people like Hamas and Hizbullah and Al Qaeda.

And, those deals will be aimed at breaking the one power in the Middle East that can oppose Russia: Israel. 

If we aren’t careful, the result will be like something straight out of the bible.

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  1. If we aren’t careful? “We” have nothing to say out it, and it IS straight out of the Bible. Ezekiel 38 & 39 tells exactly what is on Russia’s agenda. Chaper 39 tells us who comes out on top, however, and it isn’t Gog & Magog! “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”.

  2. Whilst I completely understand your point about the Russians beeing damn dangerouse, and Putin very much in particular, I have my difficulties with the connection to Israel. Other than bringing Jews from Russia to Israel, in which way does Israel oppose Russia?

    But well, I guess the bottomline stays, that the Middle East really needs to emmancipate itself AGAINST radicalism. A proces, which can’t be induced by the “Western World”, but needs to come from within the Middle East itself.

  3. Hey Kim,

    Welcome to our merry band of crazies!

    (Poor Magda is probably the sanest of us all, whilst I am the worst.)


    You have have asked an important question and made an extremely valid point.

    This really deserves a full blog entry, but suffice it to say that Iraq has been neutralized as a regional power and Iran and Syria are moving into Russia’s sphere of influence.

    All that is left to oppose Russian interests is Israel. (Of course, I am glossing over lots of detail.)

    You also mention a VERY important point. The only way for peace to happen is for there to be a real, fundamental change of heart at the grass-roots level.

    Believe it or not, but that had been the motivation behind the Oslo process, back when it was being cooked up in the 90s. Unfortunately, they forgot that Arafat and his cronies were corrupt.

    Fancy that.

    Y’all have a great weekend.

    – John

  4. i remember it too…and fallout shelters…and air raid attacks…yes my dear i am that old…sigh…but somehow i feel that those days were safer that these…oy…shavuah tov…been too long since i wrote you…smooches

  5. Nah. I wouldn’t be so sure, that I am as sane as you think. How sane can a European Pagan who spends (Internet-)time with a Baptist be? ;-)

    Anyhow: That Israel COULD oppose Russia, of course, doesn’t necessarily mean, that it WILL do. I could see the corrupt Israeli government pretty well brown-nosing the Russians, whilest the Putin-Junta bonds with the Chinese and takes over Europe, or does some other crazy shit (and don’t think the US would come to our rescue) …

  6. I thought Mr. Bigs was Catholic. John dear you really need to make up your mind or set the record straight.

    Russia smussia who gives a rats …..!

    I have my own war going on here in Hell.

    If you drive by and see furniture on the front tree lawn and bra’s blowing from the maple tree branches you’ll know it’s world war III

    My lap top, Praise the Lord, is insured.

    I have my very own ME right here.

    Thank you very much and have a nice day

    PS smooches, hugs and all that other mooshy stuff ;)

  7. Anna love,

    I phoned Alibabamahoidjah and he released the little squirlly whirrly’s to me. They are now my pampered pets. I had to take away their surveillance camera’s because they were surveying things that they were not suppose to. (the male species are ALL alike)

    shameful little critters the four of them. I am getting them acclimated to nature and will release them into the backyard.

    Now, the salamanders i’ve decided are spies who may just be working for the dark side.

    I am still catching those slinky little suckers and relocating them to the from yard.

  8. What kind of idiot is going to send squirrels into the desert..
    A stupid idiot or a mean idiot?

    That artical cannot be a factual bit of info..any of it..that’s just stupid.

    That’s nice about the salamanders, what are they going to report anyway? Is Costa Rica a threat?

  9. Hey, get this
    I have a somewhat realative who lived in Pakistan.
    She said that she found lizards in her house and *freaked out*.
    Why, I do not know, since I don’t think they harm people..anyway,
    I guess the people of Pakistan like them since they eat all of the bugs.
    I’d say I’d rather have a Lizard than chemicals anyday…bugs are yuckky.

    Salamanders, are they the same? If you truly believe they are Evil, I’m sure you could train the squirrels to get rid of them.

  10. Shhhh Anna, top secret insertion methods should hardly be seen in such a light. Think of the good they can do for our countries cause, if of course, they don’t get caught like the last group of secret squirrel agents did, curses to Ahmadinejad, he’s too clever to ignore our furry friends!

    (no squirrels were harmed in the production of this post)

  11. It’s not like that was *experimented* in the wide, open prairie…I know If a dead, bloody squirrel came crashing through my window, somebody is going to have Hell to pay
    Well……I’m not paying taxes anymore….ever

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