A More Efficient Enemy

In response to my blog article on the 17th, ‘Here We Go Again‘, Tedders made a good point. Russian military technology lags far behind that of the US. In a direct confrontation, Russia can’t really win.

But, Russia isn’t stupid; they know that they don’t have to be able to win. They just need to be able to make any confrontation too painful for the US to get involved.

Those few Tupolev bombers that venture out over the Atlantic and Pacific aren’t a threat to the existence of the US. Their missile payloads could wipe out a few major cities, but not much more than that.

So, why are they sending out their ageing TU-95 and TU-160 bombers out on combat patrol?

Because the electronic targeting information on Russian ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) just don’t make the point that bombers do. Bombers make a statement that missile silos cannot.

ICBMs are secret. Bombers are not.

What’s the message?

Back off.

That’s the message. The bombers tell us that Russia is intent on solidifying its power.

No, they aren’t intent on recreating the old Soviet empire. They’re too smart for that. They know that the Soviet Union failed because it was too unwieldy. It was too inefficient. It tried to control too much territory.

Books have been written on why the Soviet empire failed, and Putin and his cronies have read those books. They won’t be making the same mistakes a second time.

Remember when the Iron Curtain fell? At the time, I wondered if we were trading an inefficient, bloated enemy with one that would be smaller, more efficient, more dangerous.

We need wonder no longer. 

9 thoughts on “A More Efficient Enemy”

  1. wow.
    I was seriously thinking of joining the Peace Corpe in Russia.
    no Joke.
    What would they do to a Christian woman over there?

  2. forgive my spelling, please…good thing we don’t have to do math here.
    But seriously, Iran is blatantly obvious about how they feel…
    Russia seems kinda secret…is it more dangerous, you think?

  3. You’re absolutely right John. Russia feels like the middle child. While I’m not making a direct comparison between Nazi Germany and modern Russia, Germany (a country the size of Montana) certainly did a number on Europe if not the world in the 12 year period the Austrian corporal was in charge. Putin can and wants to make it hard on everybody, isn’t he the one building the Iranian nuclear facility? Not to mention dead journalist and ex comrades in friendly countries (polonium 201 anybody?), cutting off gas supplies to ex soviet satellite countries during cold spells. That’s not what I would call a good neighbor. We’ll see if the Russian populace agree or not with him when the elections come up, I think some of theses antics are an attempt to improve his image at home. Taking his shirt off in public? what was all that about? Are all Russians vodka swilling trailer park trash living at the edge of town? I think Putin longs for the good ‘ol days of Stalinist rule, I don’t see Putin stepping down voluntarily. Election results are easily skewed in Russia or he could pull a Hugo Chavez and just change the Russian Constitution. : )

    Russian Constitution, is that an oxymoron? LOL

  4. And now for something completely different.
    Let’s get personal.
    John loves Israel.
    He loves to be here.
    He’s also of a very principled nature and religious.
    I can’t see him married to anyone but some kind of a Christian Zionist.
    You read him.
    He’s a great guy.
    Sane as I’ve met them, smart and witty.
    I don’t think he needs an opposite (insane, stupid and dull).
    He needs a ditto.
    Lots of ladies write here.
    The guys have sisters and nieces.
    Let’s get this guy married.
    He would be a great father, he would be a great spouse.
    Every day he’s single is a waste.
    I take responsibility for that claim.
    Fakes and pretenders don’t need to try.
    Don’t just sit there reading this – do something!!
    I would like the wedding in Jerusalem (much cheaper!);
    But I’m willing to overlook a foreign one
    because I’m a good sport.

  5. Hmmmm..how about, ladies write here because he has something different to say? He has actually *lived* what he is describing.
    This isn’t the 50’s:):)

    As for tedders, your posts are so funny, they make me laugh:)
    I think of Russia as the oldest child…USA the baby….
    New Zealand is more like a middle child:):)

  6. Leave John alone! He’s focused. Look at all the women he has to choose from, from both sides of the planet. If he wanted to be married, don’t you think he’d be married? It’s okay to be single.
    Not everybody has to march to the same drum.

    And what does John’s marital status have to do with the topic of discussion anyway?

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