Sulking and Shivering

There are weeks when you should never get out of bed, and I think that I’ve just had a string of them.

(Cue the mournful violin player!)

I have had nothing but trouble from my new connection to the Internet from the day that it was installed. In fact, as of this moment, that connection has ceased to exist, and my ISP is sending out an engineer to figure out what’s wrong.

That is why I’m shivering here in a local library, tippy-tapping this message to y’all. The library has a half-way decent Wifi connection to the Internet, but it comes with an over-enthusiastic air conditioner.

Unfortunately, shivering in the library wasn’t enough yesterday ‘cuz the server where my websites live was discombobulated. The power to the server had gone out on Sunday, and the backups and protections for that server turned out to be less than backupish or protectionish. Even though the power came back on pretty quickly, the server was a bit upset about all this and spent yesterday sulking and browsing data files.

I think that it’s an Indian or Chinese thing, ‘cuz I think that’s where the server is. 

All this means that I couldn’t write a blog entry on Monday, and that had ME sulking and browsing data files.

Just know that HostingZoom is not nearly as reliable as they claim. I’m sure that they are good people and love their mothers, but they’ve got to get with the program!

Y’all be good now.

4 thoughts on “Sulking and Shivering”

  1. Sorry to hear about all your problems with the computer – BUT – it is a bit encouraging to hear that even a computer “mumche” (expert) such as you has problems. It make me feel a little less inept. Keep up the good writing.

  2. Hey Carol,

    Stick around here long enough and you’ll see quite a few y’alls.

    One of the side benefits of living abroad is the discovery of that bit of Texas in ya’ that you never knew you had.

    It doesn’t mean that you start wearing cowboy hats and leather boots. But a y’all MIGHT creep in every once in a while.

    Although, y’all IS often heard in Indiana.

    – John

    PS. Thanks for the Kudos Rena! And, thanks for the… um… OTHER comment.

  3. Indiana too? It’s also in Ohio, New Mexico and Oklahoma!
    Okay, so do you have any ideas as to where this originated
    since it’s so widely used?

    Maybe your server was in Jamaica and was run over by “Dean”.

    Hope your computer issues have been resolved. I know how
    fraustrating that can be! Mine keeps telling me I’m running out of
    disc space. I keep deleting things and transfering things onto a
    USB chip, but doesn’t seem to be pacifying my computer any. If
    Y’all have any suggestions, I’m listening.

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