Here We Go Again

The Associated Press is reporting that nuclear bombers of the Russian Air Force have been ordered into the air again. It has been 15 years since Russia had nuclear bombers on an active nuclear patrol.

Why the change now?

What threat has arisen that would cause Russia to take this expensive step?

With the price of aviation fuel at such high levels, those bombers are going to be expensive to fly. And, that’s not adding in the cost of maintenance of the planes and the nuclear missiles in those planes.

Is Russia worried that the United States will object to Russian plans? Whatever those plans would be? With all the oil money flooding into Russia, is it possible that Russia is now able to do something that she hasn’t been able to do for the past 15 years?

This is especially important when you consider that Russia has been playing footsie with the Iranians and anyone else that is in opposition to the US or the EU. In fact, they’ve been strenuously attempting to woo away countries considering EU membership – especially those countries that had been signatories to the Warsaw Pact, and even more those previously under the Soviet Union.

Russia has never been squeamish about who they make deals with, so I wonder who they are talking to. Turkey, naturally, but who else? Pakistan? Islamic countries like Sudan? Will we see them do deals with Islamic terror groups?

Russia has always had a penchant for empire, and now that they have the money to do something about it… they’re doing something about it.

Here we go again. 


See a copy of the AP article here:

7 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. You are absolutely right and I am glad you wrote hits: Russia shouldn’t be underestimated as it is nowadays ’cause it’s still very, very dangerouse and could trigger a WW3 or worse within a glimpse.

  2. Pry China.
    Whats with Russia claiming Antarctica???! Why is it called Antarctica, if nobody claims it? Isn’t it property of the world? Scientists? Why did it take so long to “take over”.
    I am sooooooooo bummed. I wanted to go there.

  3. Putin wants to feel like a big man. The state of Russian aircraft is at best dismal. The most modern bomber in Russia’s arsenal is the Tu-160 (Blackjack). The Tu-22 and the Tu-95 mentioned in the article are really not worth mentioning in terms of modern bombers and rate somewhere near the old B-58 (Hustler) American bomber that was discontinued after only 4 years of service in the early 1970’s. The Tu-160 is a late 1980’s attempt to counter the American XB-70 Valkyrie, which was also discontinue very early in it’s development. The Tu-160 looks like a larger more complex and more risky version of the US B-1 bomber. Russia makes claims about the plane that have never been proven and are most likely Soviet bluster. They say it has less radar cross section than a B-1, this seems unlikely given the Blackjack’s is larger and has much more exposed engine inlets and broader wing gloves. While all these planes could deliver nuclear bombs, the chance are very miniscule they would get near US soil. The capabilities of Western nations anti aircraft arsenal are far beyond the capability of Russia’s air force and Putin knows that. A single F-22 Raptor (US’s latest air superiority fighter) could destroy all 19 Tu-160’s in a single sortie if Putin were unwise enough to group them together. Let’s hope it never comes to that.
    Putin must have a short memory, the US and her allies bankrupt the Russian colossus during the cold war when the Kremlin was in charge of the whole Soviet Union. What has changed is that Russia is now a solitary state with some oil revenue. How that makes up for the overwhelming economic superiority of the US (over 20 times the GNP of Russia, the Texas economy is more than three times the size of the Russian economy) is unknown to everyone but Putin.

  4. Putin just wants to flex his newly found muscle. He can’t stand the thought of the U.S. wanting to install missles too close to home. Also think it had something to do with his joint military exercise with China. Or wanting it to look that way.

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