One Million Iranians in JAIL?

Executions are up in Iran – dramatically up.

No, there hasn’t been an increase in crime. They haven’t caught any terrorists. They haven’t suddenly decided to reduce the backlog on ‘death row’.

What they HAVE realized is that they are in a very difficult position. The Iranian government is pursuing a Jihadist ideal, and the population is under-whelmed. Worse, the average Yusef is upset that the government isn’t doing more to revitalize the economy.

Iranians see how much money is going to the nuclear weapons program, to other expensive military projects, to Syria, to Hamas, to… – while more than 40% of Iranians live below the poverty line and unemployment among younger Iranians is on its way to 50%.

It’s that younger population that is the biggest worry. Remember that revolutions are started and run by twenty-something kids. Who do you think threw out the Shah in the seventies?

Just look at those pictures of Ahmadinejad during the Iranian revolution. He was a kid – a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed kid. He was smart and confident. He had the world by the tail, and he helped topple a despotic government.

So, our boy Ahmadinejad knows about kids and revolutions, which means that he knows that he’s in trouble.

So, when you hear that 430,000 men and women have been arrested in Iran since April. Worse… well, let me quote from the Wall Street Journal (August 6, 2007):

According to Gen. Ismail Muqaddam, commander of the Islamic Police, a total of 430,000 men and women have been arrested on charges related to drug use since April. A further 4,209 men and women, mostly aged between 15 and 30, have been arrested for “hooliganism” in Tehran alone. The largest number of arrests, totaling almost a million men and women according to Mr. Muqaddam, were related to the enforcement of the new Islamic Dress Code, passed by the Islamic Majlis (parliament) in May 2006.

The article doesn’t stop there:

The wave of arrests has increased pressure on the nation’s inadequate prison facilities. At a recent press conference in Tehran, the head of the National Prisons Service, Ali-Akbar Yassaqi, appealed for a moratorium on arrests. He said Iran’s official prisons could not house more than 50,000 prisoners simultaneously while the actual number of prisoners at any given time was above 150,000. Mr. Yassaqi also revealed that each year on average some 600,000 Iranians spend some time in one of the 130 official prisons.

Since Mr. Ahmadinejad ordered the crackdown, work on converting 41 official buildings to prisons has started, with contracts for 33 other prisons already signed. Nevertheless, Mr. Yassaqi believes that, with the annual prison population likely to top the million mark this year, even the new capacities created might prove insufficient.

One MILLION Iranians? Out of a population of 65 million? They are expecting to put 1 in 65 Iranians in jail over the coming year?

And that’s just the ‘official’ count. We aren’t even talking about the ‘unofficial’ prisons run by the Revolutionary Guard, or the death squads, or the…

We could go on.

The bottom line is this: Islamism is in trouble in Iran.

And that should scare you.


If you want to see the whole Wall Street Journal article, go here:


8 thoughts on “One Million Iranians in JAIL?”

  1. Just wondering–should everything scare us?

    (I’m not trying to be cheeky here–well, maybe a little–but it seems like you say that a lot . . . )

  2. Well, it’s about freaking time they turned on themselves.

    Americans/Canadians/Britains (who else is on our side?) may differ, AND are feeling the pain of this war, but we all support our troops and believe in freedom.

  3. Hey Jenn!

    Hmmmm… I guess that I DO tend to use the ‘scare’ word a lot. Unfortunately, Iran really IS a threat.

    And, when a country like Iran ‘needs’ a war to stay stable…

    Well, that should be pretty frightening, if you are the US or Israel.

    I’ll get into that in my next post.

    (Be afraid. Be VERY afraid…)

    – John

    PS. However, being cheeky is also a really good idea.

  4. John Dear,

    Please quit frightening the children.

    What he meant to say is that I would be in prison right now for my “editing” comment.

    AND for my black two piece bathing suit

    AND for speaking my mind cuz I don’t like the Prez…(i’d be dead for this one)

    If I was an activist at university i’d have to watch my back and if it was thought that as a professor I didn’t like Ahmadinejad’s politics than i’d be fired.


    Basically what we need to learn here is that Iran is not going away. It’s going to continue to get worse and worse and worse and it will eventually spill over into the USA… eventually.

    I’ve read that there are already sleeper cells over here just waiting. Waiting to make Allah happy.

    I’m not scared. John dear are you? Nah!


    I can’t wait for Pharishna to get home from Iran so that I can get some questions answered.

    Thank you and have a nice weekend.

  5. So as YOU already know by now I don’t take Mr. Bigs’ word for it… I don’t mean that to be a cut down or anything it’s just simply what I do. I like to find things out for myself and so today at the lie berry I picked up the July 6th copy of The Wallstreet Journal.

    Of course I always enjoy reading the FRONT PAGE NEWS first and low and behold what caught my eye first was the cutest little picture of a piggly wiggly.

    John and I have a thing for pigs don’t we John dear?

    So once I finished with the pig article I moved on to the one by Amir Taheri. It was located in the OPINIONS section.

    In this section of the paper you will find editorials written by academics, political gurus and the like. These folks are brillant in their field and so we read and chew on what they have to say and formulate our own OPINIONS.

    John, sweetie, you failed to mention the most important part of the article.

    Those SQUIRLS made the papers AGAIN.

    I had to laugh and of course go get the July 7th paper. So, i’m sitting there and I notice the latest Psychology Today and think hmmmmm I need to read that. I open the paper and get turned on to this article by Lt General Pacepa an ex top of the totum pole KGB dude who defected from Russia.

    If you get a chance go read Propaganda Redux. It’s really really that good AND this man has a few books coming out in November.

    Ok..bye bye

  6. Ok, so I’m bored. I’ve done the lets go out and do the weekend thing and here I am thinkin again.

    John you failed to mention the part in the editorial about how people are taken away and killed and then families are told about it after the fact.

    How government officials are being knocked off and Union workers are being killed.

    They want to stop the voice of Iran. The voice that see’s the insanity of Ahmadinejad. The one that’s saying, “Hey look you guys we are poverty stricken here and our Prez is squandering money left and right on crap.” ( I’m sure they say it a bit more eloquently, but you get the gist)

    At least I hope you do.

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