Ask Not From Whom Corruption…

I once was a card-carrying member of the Republican Party, and was even a member of that clique that met in smoke-filled rooms to decide who will run as candidates.

(Don’t make too much of this. I was an exceedingly junior member at the district level.)

What I came away with from my brush with the Republican Party hierarchy was this: They. Don’t. Care. They don’t care about values (they have very few). They don’t care about people. They don’t care about policies. They care only about winning.

‘Cuz it’s all a game to them.

Before I go on, I should tell you that the Democratic Party is exactly the same. ANY political party with enough members to have a ‘smoke-filled room’ is like this.

Okay, so where was I… oh yes, the game.

This doesn’t mean that the candidates that they anoint are game players, and not everyone that receives their support goes on to win nomination. But, if you are a politician, support from the leadership of your party gives you a decided advantage.

This is where YOU come in. YOU do not need to accept the candidate chosen for you. YOU do not need to comply with a pre-determined list of candidates. YOU can tell the ‘smoke-filled rooms’ that you do not accept their offer.

This means that ‘the other guy’ sometimes needs to win. Jimmy Carter was a backlash against corruption, and we needed him to serve as that backlash. Jimmy Carter served as a message to the deal-makers that there is only so much that the American people will take.

I guess that what I’m really saying is this: 

Ask not from whom corruption comes.

Corruption comes from thee. 


We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled program of rantings real soon now.

6 thoughts on “Ask Not From Whom Corruption…”

  1. You are right John, the Democrats are the same way. We only THINK we have a two-party system, but at the top, it’s difficult to tell them apart. It really is all about power and winning. I used to be a Democrat, actively working on the candidates campaign committee. I saw the shenanigans that went on behind the scenes,
    the “leaks” of information that nobody seemed to know where they came from. I was a Democrat from birth, because my Grandfather was one of those gentlemen in the smoke-filled back rooms who chose the candidate whom they felt could win. Of course, the Democratic Party is a very different party today than it was back then. It has evolved into a Socialist Party with very Liberal values.
    I began to recognize that some 20 years ago when I took a good look at each Party’s platform. As a Christian, I could not support abortion, homosexuality, removing God from society, supporting people who refuse to work, euthanasia, some of which God calls “an abomination” to Him personally, and others He says is just
    wrong. As far as I could tell, the Republican Party did not support these things, so I became a Republican. I believe the Bible teaches that we are accountable for what we support and where we send our money, whether in good soil or bad. That is not to say I support everything the Republicans do, but they are more Conservative in their platform and in the Judges they appoint which has a huge impact on the laws that govern us. The Republican platform more closely lines up with my Christian values.

  2. I’m a member of the He Men Woman Haters Club so there!

    I will have a more serious post later as I am currently revamping my “You gotta hire me cuz i’m the bomb diggity” cover letter.

  3. At this moment the first thought that comes to mind is this…..

    Vote for Padro

    Ok Carol don’t kill me. She doesn’t like Padro so much.

    Being the radical goofball that I seem to have become over the course of time, I have once again gone and done it….yup….i’ve searched the web and found a website with a list of all of the political parties out there.

    Uhm, guys, this is hysterical

    These bozo’s topped the list

    World Socialist Party of the USA ~ they renounce violence, soviet style totalitarianism, money and all forms of leadership. They advocate a classless, wageless, moneyless, free access society without any national borders.
    Founded in 1904 and clearly clueless

    Pansexual Peace Party ~ based on wiccan ie WITCHCRAFT they embrace the “S” word and since the folks here might have issues with the “S” word I will not say anything more.

    Pot Party ~ need I say more?

    Progressive Labor Party & Revolutionary Communist party ~ they want communism

    Trust me there are more crack pot parties like these out there. Thankfully none have yet to endorse any candidates to office.

    These have:

    US Pacifist Party ~ Make love not war
    US Marijuana Party ~ Grow Pot, Smoke Pot, Make Pot Brownies and Love Pot

    Reform Party ~ Remember Ross Perot? Texas Bizzillionaire Ironically this ones nearly dead do to poor money management. The one independent party made up of disenchanted Republicans.
    Factions factions factions plagued it and Pat Buchanan made a valiant effort to form a third conservative party out of it.

    If your not one of these nor an Elephant or Donkey then I guess it’s time to start thinking of a new name for your party….while your at it make up a really cool bumper sticker and T-shirt logo and join the ever growing list of crazies out there.

    I know this, Im NOT gonna sit back and watch the whirl wind around me. It’s more fun being proactive. I’m gonna watch the candidates, keep informed of world events, read blogs and base my vote on what and who I see is the best fit to accomplish what needs to be accomplished throughout the world and within the confines of his term in office.

    If there’s another choice please raise your voice!!!!

  4. For ALL the folks out there who do not know what the “He Man Women Haters Club” is, well, I thought i’d just explain that.

    Here in the good ole USA we use to have descent shows on TV. If it’s in black and white then you can probably say it’s gonna be ok at least compared to what we have to view today. One I enjoyed as a kid were reruns of The Little Rascals. Buckwheat, Alfalfa, Spanky and Darla were the main characters.

    They are cute and silly and about very lil kids doing lil kid stuff.

    Anywho, in 2001 I met a man named Rick. He was in the throws of the most horrific divorce custody case I had ever been exposed to. (Acually his was the first I had ever been exposed to.)This mans wife use to sneak out of their marital bed and visit the neighbors home for a midnight snack. HORRIFIC

    The judge in their case was pro women no matter what and so Rick lost his kids. They were his lil boys. He did everything for them and his wife when they were married. He loved two of those boys even though he had a suspicion they were not his, but he was there at their birth, raised them as his own and now he had lost them to a women who was all about herself and using the kids as a daggger she could twist at her leisure…..

    Well, it was after I was exposed to his demise that I put my arm over top of his shoulders and said “Rick, I am now a member of the He Man Women Haters Club”. I felt his pain and wished more than anything that I could take it all away.

    My little proclamation made him laugh for a moment.

    Thankfully we can lean of Christ to take care of the rest.

  5. That is a stupid quote up there
    corruption comes from the Devil..

    And, Kennedy was not the devil…:)

    I actually like the family..Maria Shriver is one of my top ten role model women..unless she has chosen not to grow old with grace and dignity..
    Rock On

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