Keep Me Away from the White House

So, what do you do with the corrupt scoundrels?

Throw them out and replace them with angels?

Well, Nixon was as bad as they come, and when he was forced out of office, he left Ford to do the cleanup. Both presidents were tainted by corruption, and Americans were tired of the smell. So, they elected one of the holiest presidents of the 20th century – and one of the most intelligent.

Unfortunately, he was one of the worst ever.

What is it about ‘holy men’ who can’t manage?

And, intelligent? Nixon was up there with Carter in IQ, and let’s not get started on HIM.

The irony is that the presidents that have been somewhat less ‘intelligent’ and less holy have turned out to be better presidents.

Take me for example. I would make a LOUSY president.


There would be total and absolute gridlock. With all the finger pointing, shouting and hand waving, nothing would get done. And, let’s not forget nuclear weapons. They are NOT useful for crowd control (but there are days when I wonder).



(A friend claims that he submits my name in every Israeli election. One day, I expect to get a polite invitation by Mossad for a little chat. We’ll see.)

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  1. Oh yawn!

    Don’t you guys know that the elections only exist so that comedians can have new material to work with?


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