Slumbering Towards Islamism

With all the hubbub and ballyhoo over Iraq and Iran, we aren’t hearing much about Turkey. That’s a problem.

For instance, did you know that Justice and Development Party (AKP) won the Turkish elections on the 22nd of July? Did you know that they are a moderate Islamic party? Did you know that, over the last few years, Turkey has been creeping towards Islamism? Did you know that Turkey is no longer considered an ally of the US? (Although, it is not considered an opponent.)

Most people wouldn’t have known this, so you have an excuse if you didn’t.

I’ve spent a lot of time in Turkey, and I’ve learned to appreciate some of its finer qualities. There is a uniquely Turkish sense of honor. There is an off-hand, yet very personal, hospitality. They are proud of their history, and they struggle towards modernity.

However, they are caught between two worlds, the Islamic and the secularist. Unfortunately, they have engaged in a struggle towards a modern secular with a repressive, heavy hand. In the process, they have driven the radical Islamists underground – deeply underground.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether, or not, they have they resurfaced within this Islamic Justice and Development Party. It’s a big question, and a huge worry.

Turkey is a slumbering giant towards some kind of Islamism. The question is what kind? I don’t think anyone REALLY knows, but there are a lot of us who fear the worst. 

10 thoughts on “Slumbering Towards Islamism”

  1. I just talked to someone today about the beliefs of Muslims.
    She said that there are really no religions that believe in suicide..
    she said it was only a few radicals and compared it to Catholics bombing abortion clinics.
    She’s really smart and seems to be interested and knowledgeable
    on what is going on over there.

    About Turkey..weren’t they part of the Cuban missile crisis? The US had to remove rockets or whatever in order for Russia to turn around and “go away”? I watched some Kennedy movie and learned that…also thought, if those were the radical Islamists we are learning about, seems like they would have just…..not done that.

    Oh one more thing, there was a really interesting point she brought up about why the peaceful Muslims are not speaking out in the USA
    They really have no central power figure..Catholics have the Pope,
    Americans have the president…

  2. I believe Turkey’s military has a history of keeping Turkey on the secular path. They seem to know that Islamic fundamentalism won’t do anything to move Turkey in a positive direction. The articles I’ve read discounted the move toward “Islamism” and suggested that if the country moves too far in that direction the military will step in and do something about it as it has in the past.

  3. Hi Tedders!

    Actually, what I’m hearing is that officers that are Islamic fundamentalists are moving up the ranks in the officer corps.

    In the past, the army has indeed been the final arbiter of secularism in Turkey. But, they will only be able to fulfill that office as long as they REMAIN secular.

    I am NOT confident that the army is purely secular anymore. It will take time to bear this out, but do we really have that time?

  4. Thank you Anna for NOT bringing up anymore Turkey meat concoctions.

    Anna you probably already know this stuff but it looks like Istanbul is where most of the drug trafficing takes place.

    How interesting! Did you know that they are tied to Israel via a submarine fiber optic cable? 3 to be exact.

    Huh, who’d a thunk? And pretty good pumpage of oil via the Caspien is to be exspected.

    Oh and the British conquered a Mahdi way back in the day.

    I’ll leave all that other mumbo jumbo military stuff to our illustrious leader and his friend up above.

    Hey guys, the clock is ticking and I would say that time is of the essance.

    John, If you ever go there again could you bring me back a rock from Mt. A the big one. I would ask for a chunk of Noah’s place but i’m not so sure you can accomodate that request.

    Thanks and stay safe


  5. In my zeal to sniff out truth I got confused about the Mahdi, but i’m sure if we dig deep enough we will find ties to islam or at the very least hate in the history of the middle east and genecide everywhere.

    Turkey has Zoroastrianism and Darfur’s history included the Mahdi.

    Sorry about that guys.

    It all ties together as we move forward to the “fullness of times.”

  6. “officers that are Islamic fundamentalists are moving up the ranks in the officer corps.”

    That’s what has happened in Pakistan. Pretty scary thought, Turkey was on the wrong side in WWI and stayed neutral in WWII. Who knows how it will end up!!!

  7. SP,
    ALthough, we don’t call turkey “meat” in my MIddle America:)
    We call it poultry:):) Some people just call it a stuffed bird..
    get this…have you ever tried Fried Turkey? Wild..they just drop it in a big vat of oil outside……turkey in bug marinade? I’m not even going to let my thinking go there

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