What Sane Person Would Want To?

The fourth thing that I do every morning is turn on my computer and go through my tabbed list of start pages on Internet Explorer. First, it’s the Jerusalem Post, and they’re good for at least one article idea – at least one.

Then, I go to Marallyn’s blog, Shalom from Jerusalem. She has a ‘view from the street’ kinda blog – more human, more positive, more… Israel. It’s required reading by yours truly every morning.

Then, I go… but, I didn’t. I didn’t go on to the next tab in my start list because Marallyn had said this:

A native born Canadian, I sometimes wonder how I chose to live in a country that is hot and hotter for at least eight months of the year. Vey!

The truth is the country chose me. I just landed at the airport and it sorta grabbed me…took my breath away. You know…like meeting a person for the first time and something in your brain tells you that you have simply got to know this person better. That was it.

In a way, that was me too. A vastly different way, but still that same strange connection that was (and still is) unshakeable. I just HAD to get to know this country better.

I suppose that some would say that it’s a form of insanity. Or, maybe there’s this incredibly deep spiritual connection. Or, maybe I was dropped as a baby. Or…

The ‘Or’s don’t matter. What matters is that from the moment that I discovered the existence of Israel in a personal way, I was hooked. I was ten, or eleven, and I was captivated.

It could have started even earlier, but it’s hard to say. We’re barely conscious at ten, let alone eight or nine.

Anyway, I was captivated by this tiny little country that fought and won against the worst odds imaginable. Their story had captured my imagination, and I wanted in – long before I ever knew what it meant to be ‘in’.

From the moment that I stepped off the plane that first time, it felt more like home than any other ‘home’ that I’ve had. There was something visceral, something that resonated at a level that mere words could never have described – and still can’t.

However, like the most important things in life, Israel doesn’t come free, and sometimes the price is terrible. That’s why more than 95% of North Americans who come to live in Israel don’t stay. They just can’t pay the price.

What sane person would want to? 

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  1. i always knew i loved you…thanks for the thumbs up…and for the love that crosses the big water…you are something you know that? stay safe

  2. But what if you have that connection to a country that ISN’T Israel? It seems all very biblical and spiritual to feel that way about Israel, but I myself had that feeling when I flew in to Turkey (even though I still don’t live there). It was more a connexion to Byzantium I think (no matter how messed up that was) than to Ottoman-taken-over, made-Muslim Turkey, but still . . .

  3. Channel 10 ROCKS!!!!! Leave it to the news hounds to find a security breach in the…..Hey, I ain’t telling….go find this tidbit of news yourself on J Post….

    Sanity is relative.

    I rather like that thought

  4. Jenn, if you feel something powerful about Turkey, then maybe that’s your direction. I think that it’s important to investigate these things.

    SassyPants? Security breach? I couldn’t see it on JPost. You’ll hafta explain.


  5. I wonder why they use turkey for fake bacon..is there such a thing as chicken bacon?

    yeah, SP, if you are going to publicly freak out, we need more information

  6. True that Jenn! I investigated my options last week. Had a whole bunch of folks praying about two positions I had interviewed for. One a lucritive secular job the other a ministry position.

    The answer I got was a Loud and Clear NO!

    The first NO was tough…so I went iceskating with the JH kids from church a few hours after receiving that answer. I will be in ministry where ever I work.

    The second NO suprised everyone..because that lucrative offer had already been made.

    God works in mysterious ways for sure.

    John, Ya gotta really dig for this article but they crossed into Gaza at the Sufa Crossing.

    Since millions were spent to beef up Karni, it was just plain shocking to me that a news crew could just waltz in there. They even had time to interview some Palestinians.

    Here’s the link


    And since Israel is a good example of how to secure a border the correct way it just goes to show you where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Your thoughts?

  7. Turkey Bacon? YUCK That’s just plain ole wrong.

    Is eating Hebrew National hot dogs with saurekraut on top an oxymoran?

    My Mamma put a twist on dinner tonight :)

  8. Yummy Yum! Anna are you hungering? I could slap some kraut on a dog for ya…LoL

    Of course it might be a mess once shoved through the computer screen.

  9. Tex Mex is pretty good too, but the Mexicans from Mexico don’t like it so much. In fact I had some Mexican friends who didn’t like cilantro. I thought all Mexican food had jalepeno, cummin, cilantro and garlic in it.

  10. Hey Anna,

    I wonder if John can make our names a color like his.

    I want mine to be multi colored like the rainbow.

  11. I dont know
    But I guess they fry fat and eat it.
    Like, cow fat or pig fat or something.
    Eeee..i’m not ready to try thst
    I just like corn tamales

  12. I am not sure how old this news is but Al-Aqsa says they shot some chemical warheads into Israel today.

    How on earth does the Israel government keep track of all the missiles being shot. If so many are being shot than why doesn’t Israel shoot back? Details are limited. Maybe most of the rockets just hit sand.

    Isn’t it rather cowardly of the gun weilding terrorist to cover his face or is this just a scare tactic? yet, they allow their babies to be seen in plain view carring guns bigger than they are.

    Do they allow photo journalists into the area? Gaza?
    Maybe these pics just leaked out. Nah, I would think it’s more organized than that.

    The PA’s are serious haters and there are pics all over the web to prove it.

  13. Oh my stars and garters. LoL….Anna! Go read J-Post…..Seriously go click on headlines that look interesting….read what bloggers are saying….

    Look at pictures and read about the arts and lifstyle…

    Of course I’m not so sure we are getting the full picture because word from those who have been to Israel recently say things are financially BAD. Like poverty BAD AND that you have NO privacy there. People are stacked on top of each other like LEGOS

    And I read yesterday that the US pretty much says if we choose to go over there than it’s at our own risk. Huge huge risks involved. But if your minds set on going NOTHING will stop you.

    I could go in December, but i’m choosing this time not to. I really feel strongly that we should support Israel financially. The price tag to travel there has gone up and I just can’t justify it when there are so many people in need in Israel. John posted some charity organizations over there that looked legit of course our local church is a great way to find good organizations to support.

    I remember when missionaries would come to church back in the day and show us all the cool stuff. They’d show slides of the people they were reaching for Christ and the places where they lived. They would bring back artifacts and instruments, pottery, jewlery, money.

    One time when I was really little. I was wearing my lil green sweater. It was at Maranatha Baptist Church in Orlando, FL. The church I came to know Christ…anyways this missionary had all of his stuff on tables in the front. He even brought a monkey. A chimp. I was leaning against the table and low and behold the barb of a bats wing got caught on my sweater!!!! I ran down that red carpeted isle screaming bloody murder with a dead bat flapping behind me!!!!!! Hysterical!!!!


    Those were the days!!!!!

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