Tisha b’Av

Today is Tisha b’Av, the ninth day of Av – a month in the lunar Hebrew calendar.

It is the saddest day in the Jewish year because it marks the day in which the first and second temples were destroyed by the Babylonians and then by the Romans. Both temples were destroyed more than five hundred years apart, yet on the same day of the Hebrew calendar: the Ninth of Av.

There are other tragic events that coincide with the Ninth of Av, but none of them equal the tragedy of the destruction of these two temples.

Even among secular Israelis, the destruction of the first and second temples has tremendous significance. During the 1973 war, when Israel seemed about to lose the war, the code phrase that Moshe Dayan used to begin readying their nuclear weapons was:

The Third Temple is about to fall.

For Israelis, the significance of the capture of the Temple Mount in 1967 lay in the feeling that their country was finally whole. Without Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, Israel was missing a vital part of the nation.

This idea of a ‘missing piece’ is important. Jews everywhere hope for the day when they no longer commemorate the destruction of the first two temples – because they hope to have a third temple.

That is an important idea to think about. Even though this day commemorates a terrible destruction and massacre (and a number of other terrible events), what the rabbis essentially say in their commentaries is that the significance of Tisha b’Av lies in the fact that there is no temple NOW.

Whatever the correct interpretation of the day, it is still the most difficult day in the Israeli/Jewish calendar, and should be one that gives us pause for sober reflection.  

4 thoughts on “Tisha b’Av”

  1. John?

    It seems that they dwell on the past a lot and yet all of that dwelling doesn’t change their present or future.

    H went to the holocaust museum yesterday. A visit there always gets her to thinking. I love the oppurtunity and open doors it offers as she comes to grasp what happened.

    Each time she opens herself to the reality of what happened it brings her that much closer to Christ.

    It instills boldness to step out of her comfort zone and share His love for everyone.

  2. Interesting!

    Not to go on a tangent or anything…..
    but what is with the president and all of his blahblahblah today?
    I was cleaning a house (no, I am not Mexican)
    and put the TV on the news.
    Well, I really didn’t concentrate, but why don’t they flat out say it?
    It’s a religious war.
    Maybe not for the West, but I think it would help commoners, like myself, to understand what is going on.
    It is a religious war

  3. Yes Anna, it is a religious war. Not just between Sunnis and Shiites, but between Muslims and Jews (because of Ishmael and Isaac) and between Islam and Christianity, and Islam and Judiasm,
    and Islam and Buddhism, and Islam and Hinduism, and Islam and Mormonism, and Islam and Scientology, and all other religions outside of Islam. It is not politically expedient to admit this openly as it would make the invisable line in the sand become a bold line in the sand uniting Muslims in a holy war world-wide.

    Just today I was reading a very interesting book regarding God’s blessing. The author (Dr. John Garr) made the statement that the reason the Muslims (not simply Arabs) are advocating wiping Israel off the map is because they believe their 12th Imam cannot return as long as there are Jews living on the land. So what does that tell you?

    John mentioned the countries in Ezekiel 38 & 39 that will make war
    on Israel. Read those two chapters. They are very revealing about where all this is heading. Gog is a man, not a country. Magog is the Islamic southern republics of the former Soviet Union. Persia is Iran, Ethiopia or Cush is Sudan, and Libya is Libya. This information is found in Tim LaHaye’s (of the Left Behind series) Prophecy Study Bible. I recommend it.

  4. You just can’t get any clearer a picture than that!

    Now, if every blogger would cut and paste this piece into their blog like they do the news off of other websites we just might see some progress in the minds of the general public.

    At any rate it would definatly cause a ruckus.

    Is there a way to get some of the other blog sites to track back to this site?

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