When Little Boys Fight

Would you believe that social skills don’t come naturally to me?

No, really. I had to learn them the hard way. And, the ‘hard way’ is a tough teacher for Little boys. Learning how to be ‘creative’ with the truth (i.e., ‘being polite’) was a skill that took a long time to acquire. I also believed that fighting was wrong, which meant that I attracted bullies like a magnet.

The good thing is that I did learn how to be polite and did learn how to avoid fights. And, once I learned the art of avoiding fights, I never had another one.

The thing with fights is that there is usually an aggressor and a defender. But, if you are a harried teacher out on the play ground, how interested are you in figuring out who is which? When it’s you vs. a hundred screaming kids, how much effort are you going to put into figuring out who is the bully and who is the bullied?

Not much.

That’s the part that sucks about being a magnet for aggressors – teachers don’t care who started the fight, they just want it stopped and will apportion blame equally to get it stopped.

Have you ever been in that position? Remember how that felt?

Well, think about Israel. When Israel started down the road towards independent nationhood, they didn’t really believe in fighting. Jews for the past two thousand years have always believed that pacifism was the best approach – that friendliness and helpfulness was the best way to avoid violence.

Of course, history shows us that the Jewish people experienced poor results with this strategy. But, the first wave of Jewish immigrants to Palestine brought with them a hope that this historical precedent would change - but they were still unwilling to do it with violence. And, we all know how THAT worked.

The bottom line is that, like me, Israel learned that the rest of the world was not interested in who the bully was, or who was the bullied. Israel learned that the rest of the world just wanted the fighting stopped and didn’t care how unjust they were when they apportioned blame equally.

Like me, Israel eventually learned how to avoid fights. (It’s funny how a willingness to flatten someone can help avoid battles.) The problem is that there are still aggressors out there who haven’t gotten the message, and Israel is still being blamed for fighting – even when she is exercising her right to self defense.

And that sucks.  

5 thoughts on “When Little Boys Fight”

  1. Tremendous analogy!

    This article brought up many playground memories. The big difference between the two is that when we were kids, after the “altercation” we sometimes became pretty good friends and learned that fighting hurts and was something that neither of us wanted to do again. We have many allies that we fought bloody battles with. If you were alive during the 1940’s you would never believe that we could be such good allies with countries like Japan and Germany!

    The reason Israel can’t have peace is because God has deemed it so that they will always have war. That is until the pre tribulation period where there is actually peace in Israel. When this happens, and it WILL happen, it is a precursor to Christ’s return.

    May there be peace in Israel!

  2. Wow
    I guess being a girl in gradeschool was much different.
    We had to deal with catty mean girls
    so, we just played somewhere else.
    I guess I am not a true Israeli:)
    May there be peace in Israel

  3. Finally another person giving some input. Go Arch

    Actually Johns cats can write. LoL I’m sure he’s receiving emails from them often.

    Anna your a hoot!

    Anna you never got bullied by a boy??? I got picked on twice. Back then I finished the fight.

    There Mamma’s clearly didn’t raise them right.

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