Shalom From Jerusalem

I think that it’s time to start reviewing other Israel resources out there. I’m not the only one out there that is offering you a view from a place called Israel. Of course, I humbly submit that no one quite has the, um… sense of the ridiculous that I do.

It takes a Little guy.

However, I am unrelentingly negative, and I think that it’s time that you had something more positive with your breakfast.

With that in mind, I hope to be spending more time reviewing other viewpoints that you should be considering.

My favorite is Shalom from Jerusalem. Marallyn offers a Canadian-Israeli grandmother’s view of life in Jerusalem. Her writing is full of insight and humanity, and today’s blog post is an excellent example of what I’m talking about.

Here’s a selection from today’s post, I Kissed a Stranger. When she sat at a bus stop in downtown Jerusalem yesterday afternoon, she met an Arab woman:

We stood in the shade and waited. She needed the #6 bus and I needed the #21. I knew her sister had just been diagnosed with cancer. I just knew it. And I knew that she was going to be all right.

I told her that I was sorry that her sister was in the hospital and she confirmed my feelings.

I told her that I knew her sister was going to be all right.

She looked at me and we hugged. And kissed each other on both cheeks.

And then my bus came.

A small step for mankind.

Marallyn is an awesome example of what is good about Israel. Marallyn sits on the right of Israeli politics. She has directly suffered from the effects of terrorism. She teaches, and has taught, students who suffered from the effects of terrorism.

Yet, for all that, she reaches out in love to those who come from the same communities that spawn such terrorism.

Bookmark Shalom from Jerusalem, and read it regularly. You might even want to make it a part of your home page tabs. I have.

2 thoughts on “Shalom From Jerusalem”

  1. I know!
    I think she’s written a few books? I’d like to read them…
    if they are in English only. will you/she give us a link to Amazon?
    My Religion doesn’t believe in astrology, but I think there is
    a lot to learn there…we are all GODS people, why wouldn’t he
    give us gifts beyond or comprehension?

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