The Apocalyptic Movie

Apocalyptic movies are usually written, produced, and directed by people who have a severely limited idea of what a good apocalypse looks like. Nevertheless, a number of these movies have more than a grain of truth in them.

Except for those movies that depict a massive die-off of humanity, or an upset Mother Nature, most apocalyptic movies show humanity’s penchant for a strong central authority in time of crisis.

Or, at least a perceived time of crisis.

When you perceive that you are in danger, you will give up your rights and privileges to obtain a measure of safety. You will turn to a central authority and invest them with power. And, when that power isn’t enough, you will give them more.

Governments will protest that they don’t want this power and authority that you are handing them, but they’ll take it anyway – mumbling that they will never abuse it. Unfortunately, power is always abused.

Take the statutory power given to the FBI in its fight against terrorism. They claimed that they would never abuse their new power, but they did – and still do.

As Islamic terrorism spreads, more and more people will turn to their governments to protect them, and their governments will do their best to try. Unfortunately, they will fail and have their failure rewarded with even more power.

And if the situation gets bad enough (and it will) people in their desperation will turn to anyone who claims to have an answer – and who has the charisma to make that answer heard.

If that doesn’t scare you, I suggest that you go and watch a movie.

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  1. Are you picking on the FBI? I think your picking on them. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You just may tick them off….then you may just experiance an abuse of power….YIKES

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