Just Waving at the Branches

The interesting thing about good and evil is that they have something in common: Roots. They both have them. 

More than that, if you want to destroy them, you have to attack those roots. You have to go after the parts that are harder to see. It’s not enough to hack at the branches. Allow me to take this analogy further.

Have you ever had to care for trees? Fertilize them? Prune them?

Well, the interesting thing about trees is that their roots usually only extend out as far as the branches do. If you want to know how far a tree’s roots extend, you only have to look at the branches – unless there are mitigating factors. That’s why you look at the branches of a tree – the ends of them – to find the right placement for fertilizer spikes.

And, a tree’s power doesn’t lie in its size above ground. If a tree has a healthy root system, you could chop off branches all day long, and the tree would still grow more. The health of a tree grows from its root. The trunks and branches are far less important than roots.

Evil is like that.

The current chaos and confusion among the Palestinians is an interesting case in point. Where did Hamas get the money to buy the weapons that they used to take over the Gaza strip? Where did they get the resources to train and support their troops?

And, why isn’t the hysterical press asking these questions?

That’s one bit of evil root.

Here’s another. Why does Hamas feel the need to capture the Gaza strip? I thought that they had won an election? Why did they feel the need to conquer what was already theirs? What drove Hamas to begin this latest round of violence among their own people?

And, in their leaked reports to the press, why aren’t the U.N. officials asking these questions?

And since I love doing things in threes…

If you’ve ever traveled in Israel and in the Palestinian territories, you’ll find that Israel is awash in guns and weapons. They are everywhere. Yet, Israelis do not resort to weapons as a means to resolving conflict. Yelling and screaming and hand waving – yes, there are lots of that. (Even when there ISN’T any conflict) But, murder? Shootings?

It just doesn’t happen.

Or, maybe I should say that it happens far less often than in the US, where I come from. And, Israel is a country where the daily struggle for survival is far greater, far more difficult.

So, why are the Palestinians so violent? Why do they murder their sisters and daughters over issues of honor? When a journalist exposes the corruption within the Palestinian Authority, why does he fear for his life? Why are Christian Arabs leaving the territories in droves, for countries like Chile?

And, where are the political think tanks? The professors and academics? Those that know better than you? Why do we need to rifle through the back pages of obscure newspapers to hear this stuff?

Well, I’ll tell you one reason. It’s easier to hack at the branches, than to get out your shovel and dig around in the dirt. Of course, they aren’t even hacking at the branches.

They’re just waving at them. 

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  1. Maybe people just can’t seem to agree on what is Evil and Good.
    Frankly, I think it’s pretty darned obvious, but I have been so very blessed to not have grown up in a culture of violence.
    The US culture is more anti common sense:):)
    Lots of Prayers

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