Just Point

What bothers me about those that comment on the Middle East, is that they aren’t interested in addressing the roots of evil. In fact, the roots don’t interest them at all.

I wonder if they even know that they exist?

I find it interesting that, in the midst of the bloodshed in Gaza, commentators are STILL blaming Israel for the violence. Why is it that intelligent, thoughtful men and women are unable to address what is wrong with the Palestinians?

Why do we never hear about the corruption and violence that is an everyday part of Palestinian life?

Why do we never hear about the joy that Palestinians feel when Westerners are killed by terrorists?

Why do we never hear about the honor killings, the racism, and the demeaning attitudes towards women?

I can’t tell you exactly.

I can tell you that I know some of the men and women who write the articles and posture in front of the television cameras, and they are all intelligent and observant. Every one of them.

They are all worldly-wise and able to sniff out falseness at a hundred paces. They are good at catching the lying liars where they lie.

But, they can’t seem to get the point. (or even TO the point)

I suspect that it’s too easy to just point.

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  1. wow…last line is a huha line…great post my dear friend…huha…still no news about the books but looking every day…don’t give up just yet sigh

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