The Greatest Zionists of All

I have always believed that a person’s values and beliefs can best be expressed by what they do – not by what they say.

What would you think of an environmentalist who drives an SUV? How about the preacher who can’t stay faithful to his wife? Would you support the politician that campaigns against corruption, but takes money from lobbyists?

Of course, the same goes for the sad-mouthed curmudgeon who secretly gives to the single mother living three doors down. (I know one.)

It’s not what you say, but what you do that impresses us the most.

That’s why we should be very impressed by the Arabs.

Not all Arabs, but many of them - at least many of the leaders. They preached an anti-semitic message. They said that they were going to throw the Jews into the sea. They called their fellow Arabs to wipe Israel off the map. Yet, the results somehow turned out differently, and it’s those results that count – not the words.

Consider Israel’s War for Independence in 1948. The Arab League spoke about wiping out all the Jews in Palestine in an orgy of genocide. And, they did wind up killing many Jews, but in return, Israel doubled her territory and obtained more defensible borders.

In the Suez War, in 1956, Egypt blockaded Israel and moved massive numbers of tanks and artillary and guns and ammunition and…  into the Sinai. As a result, Israel found itself in possession of advanced Soviet weapons.

In 1967, Syria and Egypt and Jordan mobilized their armies and announced plans for a ‘final solution’ to Israel. The resulting war found Israel with three times the territory that she started with – and even more weapons and material.

And, when Israel wanted to give it all back, the Arabs in 1973 said ‘No Way’. In fact, the 1973 war ushered in Israel’s first right-wing Zionist government.

And, it didn’t end there.

When Israel tried to help the Palestinians create an indigenous government in the West Bank and Gaza Strip… Yassir Arafat said “Not while I’M head of the PLO.” Even to this day, Palestinians are STILL divided over whether they want Israel to trade territory for peace.

Throughout this time period, Israel felt the need to create a well-trained army, an army inspired by her neighbors. In so doing, they created an institution that has done more to meld Jews from every walk of life, from every country in the world, and turn them into Israelis. Without the army, Israel would not be the unified country that it is today.

That’s why I say that with all the money given to Israel by Jews and Christians… With all the assistance granted to Israel by the US and other ecountries…

   …no one has given more than Arabs.

One day, when the history books are finally written, they will record that the greatest Zionists of all will have been the Arabs.

4 thoughts on “The Greatest Zionists of All”

  1. What an amazing perspective! Nothing is worse then realizing that that which you’ve worked hardest for turns out exactly opposite of which you’ve hoped. Mind if I blogroll this site?

  2. Hi John. Great looks… the site.

    The point you’re making was – of course – made by the Sages 1500 years ago. (I paraphrase.)

    On the Day of Judgment all what was done by people will have turned out to facilitate the coming of the Messiah and the Liberation of the Jews and their Allies.

    On that Day the Romans will claim: Give us our rewards; all we did was for the Jews’ sake: the roads we constructed, the bath-houses we built.

    They will be answered: You fools! Yes, all you did lead to this happy end – but you didn’t intend this. Heaven used your wicked, selfish actions to get to where the world needed to go. Yours will be punishment – not reward.

  3. John, are you sure you are not running a high fever? Drinking strange kool-aid?

    Jews and Christians who have helped Israel have done it out of love love, loyalty and humanitarian concerns, and they did it on purpose with the intention of “aiding” Israel.

    It’s quite a remarkable “stretch” to interpret what the Arabs have done as being the “greatest Zionists of all”. It’s an ingeneous analogy however. What a mind!

    Now drink some hot buttered rum and chase that bug away!

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